What position do you play in softball

Playing softball is a sport but not every one likes playing it I like but you might not but for the people that do like it keep loving your dream on and on don't stop

Can you play ball? Do you know what to do? You will find out in this quiz this is the best quiz you can learn about softball and what to do I know some people know and some people don't

Created by: Chloe Gionti

  1. How old are you
  2. Have you ever played softball
  3. What do you like doing
  4. What is it if the player goes outside the Fence and catches the ball
  5. There is nobody out and nobody on were do you go
  6. When the batter bunts what do you do
  7. How many years have you played softball
  8. What would you name your team
  9. What is an ump
  10. When do you catch a pop up

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Quiz topic: What position do I play in softball