Are You A Good Softball Player?

Are you a good softball player, average, or great? Take my quiz and find out. Only take this quiz if you play softball or baseball because otherwise you probably won't really understand it lol.

This quiz is based on talent. But true softball players know it isn't just talent that makes a good softball player. You have to have a heart for the game, a determination to win, and be willing to work hard. Those are TRUE softball players.

Created by: Madi937
  1. Is your throw a hard, crisp throw?
  2. If a ball is hit to you, will you get it?
  3. Are you good at the position you play?
  4. The next few questions are for pitchers only if you're not a pitcher than hit I am not a pitcher: Do you throw the ball hard?
  5. Do you throw accurate?
  6. Do your pitches move?
  7. OK now these are for everybody: Do you hit hard?
  8. Where in the batting lineup are you?
  9. Do you usually get on base?
  10. If you're not on base what most likely happened?
  11. Are you fast?

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Quiz topic: Am I A Good Softball Player?