How good are you at baseball

There are so many athletic people out in the world.But not as many love baseball. Baseball is a sport of passion. You need to love it to be good. A true player. is a good teammate, a good player, and loves to play.

Are you good at baseball? Are you an average player? It is very hard to tell. But now it is easy. Just simply answer the quiz questions and you will find out how good you are shortly.

Created by: Rachel

  1. Do you like baseball
  2. On a scale of 1-5 how good are you at baseball (5 means Very good)
  3. Do you watch MLB
  4. What position do you play?
  5. Do you listen to your coach
  6. Which sport do you like best
  7. How often do you play baseball
  8. Is baseball your favorite soort
  9. Are you on a travel team
  10. Is baseball the only sport you play

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Quiz topic: How good am I at baseball