What Boxer are You

Answer the questions honestly to find what boxer you are, Tommy “The Duke” Morrison, Muhammad Ali, George Foreman, Andre Ward, Floyd Mayweather Jr, Butterbean

Boxing is a sport that has been around for thousands of years, there have been movies and books about the ancient sport that is still going strong today

Created by: John Lark

  1. In a fight how do you like to win
  2. How would you like to win
  3. Where would you fight
  4. What stance are you
  5. What is most important
  6. Why do you box
  7. Would you put boxing before family
  8. What is your Favorite fight ever
  9. Did you like this quiz, (does nothing to result)
  10. Are you a seasoned fan or are you a new fan (doesn’t count towards score)

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