Tommy Hilfiger quiz

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most famous brands in the world. You can answer some questions about this brand by solving this quiz. It tests your knowledge about Tommy Hilfiger so we can see if you are a master of Tommy Hilfiger.

So do you think you know everything about Tommy Hilfiger? Or you want to learn something about Tommy Hilfiger that you didn't know? Than solve this quiz and don't let the Tommy Hilfiger company down, good luck!

Created by: Séverine Verduyckt of this site
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  1. For what value can a gift card be purchased?
  2. Which payment method isn't possible to use in Belgium for buying a product of Hilfiger?
  3. When are people allowed to join "the Hilfiger club"?
  4. Why is Tommy Hilfiger part of "Millenium Promise" and " the Millenium villages projects"?
  5. When was the debut of the Tommy Hilfiger company?
  6. How many Tommy Hilfiger store locations are their over the world?
  7. Who is Fred Gehring?
  8. What DIDN'T happen in the year 2000 for the Tommy Hilfiger Company.
  9. Why do they use cookies?
  10. If you need assistance, you can contact the customer service. On which e-mail could you send a letter?

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