Tommy Hilfiger Quiz

Tommy Hilfiger, a company known by everyone with style. Why wouldn't you shop there, they have an amazing style, quality, ... All you're looking for in clothes.

Are you one of the few that know everything about Tommy Hilfiger? Well, I dare you! Go try, and find out what Hilfiger type you are! Be surprised!!!!!

Created by: Jeffrey

  1. Across the world, Tommy Hilfiger has approximately over ... stores (incl. flagship stores)
  2. In 1995, Tommy Hilfiger was awarded by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Which award?
  3. Tommy Hilfiger was established in what Year
  4. Tommy Hilfiger also has another company, which one?
  5. When I ordered something online from The Tommy Hilfiger USA site, I can choose between 3 possible shipping methods. Which one doesn't fit in these answers?
  6. How many Tommy Hilfiger stores do I find in Texas?
  7. When you're shopping for a child at Tommy Hilfiger, you can choose between five categories. Which one is wrong here?
  8. I've chosen the Ground Shipping method, how long will I have to wait for my clothes?
  9. I'd like to buy a pair of shoes from Tommy Hilfiger, but I want to stay in between the price class of $75-$125. Between how many pair of shoes can I choose?
  10. Go to "˜Company informations' , then "˜News' and then to 2012. For what American TV-Show is Tommy Hilfiger the "˜Image Advisor'?

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