When Winter Comes

You are going on a vacation! Get ready to relax and kick back in the sun. Or will you go surfing more often. You meet three guys that are all different, which one do you like?

You will have to find out by taking this quiz! I know the title doesn't match yet but the winter will come soon and you will have to make a difficult choice.

Created by: Kirsteen
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  1. You are riding inside a coastal airplane. It is summer and you can't wait to get to the island of Wanakii. Relaxed, you have beach clothes and two pairs of the hottest sun glasses. Finally the plane lands. You can hardly breathe because you are so excited!
  2. You see your tour guide right out the door of the airport. "Aloha!" He greets you. He is pretty hefty and he is wearing a red shirt. "Uhh, aloha.." You answer. "Come, Come! I will show you to the cottage!" "Cottage? Isn't this Hawaii?" He doesn't answer but keeps walking to the taxi.
  3. Finally you arrive at the destination. It is a huge cabin, at least five stories high. Inside you are amazed at the transformation, the logs on the outside changed to sheet rock. There was a beautiful chandelier right in the center of the lobby and gorgeous red carpet. The guide left you saying he would be back tonight. That's when you were introduced to Jeremy. Standing tall with green eyes and flaming red hair he smiles at you with his perfectly white teeth.
  4. You smile back at him noticing how smooth his hair is. "I am your contour, waiter, or butler if you prefer. I am also the owner of this marvolous hotel." Your thoughts, then why are you a butler? He seems to know your question and answers, "I do this so I get to know the people in my hotel better. I only do it once a month.
  5. He shows you to your room and then he leaves with a final wink. you start to settle in when you hear a knock at the door. You open it to find a medium height guy kinda slouched on the frame of the door. "Oh!" He says straightening up. "My name is Jake, I wanted to see who was my next door neighbor." You see his hair is kinda messy, brown and his eyes are sparkling hazel. He looks at you for awhile then he smiles. "You look adventerous, You wanna go surfing.
  6. You say sure and he takes your hand. He runs to the beach. Where he gives you a board. "What are we waiting for?" He grabs you and tosses you in the ocean. you laugh and push him in as well. Then you two start surfing.
  7. You have a good time and return back to your hotel. Jake said,"See you later!" And he went back to his room. You look out the window and see a pool. There's nothing wrong with too much water! so you go down to check it out. Your mind is so bussy you bump into a guy in the elevator. He has on trunks, and you see his face. Blonde spiked hair with dark brown eyes. He smiles..
  8. "Sorry about that, I'm Wesley." You both take the elevator down, then you both go to the pool. You were leaning over to see how cold the water was when he pushed you in!
  9. He bawls over laughing1 You get out of the pool, your clothes now wet, and push him in! He laughs again and pulls you into the pool. you used to be mad but now you are having fun!
  10. You get out after a few minutes and relize the sun is setting. You go to your room and get dry. Wesley left without saying goodbye.
  11. Its time for dinner and then you hear a knock on the door. Cliff Hanger!!!!
  12. Who do you like

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