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  • I got wesley, It was a cool quiz!

    dayna smith Apr 24 '14, 8:11PM
  • Lol.
    This so far is very interesting :]
    I like it

    DinoLove96 Jul 19 '10, 11:45PM
  • There is a number two now!! Look for it on the newest quizzes!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Kirsteen111 Jan 24 '10, 4:10PM
  • Love the quiz! I got Wesley! I wanted Jake though. But great quiz, qreat quiz. :-)

    Peace_Girl80 Jan 24 '10, 9:04AM
  • I got jeremy.....Love the quiz btw!!! 8D

    xxTHE DOCTORxx Jan 23 '10, 6:04PM
  • Thank you SOOO much BlacknWhite!!! I love getting comments from anyone!! And i wouldnt want to give away the ending, you'll just have to wait and see

    Kirsteen111 Jan 23 '10, 5:21PM
  • Your Result: Wesley
    He is the guy on the bottom floor of the large cabin. He flirts with you a lot but he also is very understanding. If you ever need help or get into trouble he'll be there for you.

    Hmm is thinoly about meet boys on vaction and then I go home and never see them again?

    BlackandWhite Jan 23 '10, 4:40PM

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