Somehow I'm Alive (part 15)

This quiz is shorter than some of my other ones, but it's still just as interesting. The finale is fast approaching,and anything could happen :) :P :)

Are you guys ready to see how Jaslina, Rayla, Tammy and Ryan get back to America? Are you ready to see if Ryan's mom, Sapphire, Akmal, and Landon get arrested? Well keep reading, because you'll find out soon. :D

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Ryan's Point of View*** It's been two days and we're finally in Baghdad. However, something strange happened last night. Last night when we stopped on the outskirts of another village a family took us in for the night. They let us shower there, eat there, and even gave us new clothes. At first we thought that it might have been a trap set by none other than Landon, Akmal, and my crazy family. But somehow it turned out to be just the opposite. It ends out that they were Christians. I guess that explains why they lived in such a deserted area. Everyone in the family was very sweet. There was the mother and father then their two daughters and one son. It's amazing that they took us in already having such little room. I even volunteered to sleep in the truck but they wouldn't allow it. It's a miracle that we ran into such nice people. I'm still shocked that it wasn't a trap. I mean if it was one we probably wouldn't be alive right now. God is truly with us. Tammy still isn't convinced, but she'll come to Jesus eventually. He won't let her slip away. Clearing her throat, Rayla says, "So. Where do you think we should call from?" "I guess we could always try a business. All businesses have phones don't they?" says Jaslina. "Okay then," I say, "We should start there. It's a much better idea than going door-to-door."
  2. Driving all the way into the city, I realize how much different Baghdad is from California. Not just the words on the signs and the language, but everything. For some reason I've never really taken time to notice how different things are on different sides of the world. I guess I never really thought that I'd be any place but California. Ryan leading the way as always, we turn onto one of the main roads. We decided to desert our car. There's a pretty good chance that we'll blend in more without it. To make sure I blend in more, I put my wig back on and Ryan his. Rayla's disguise didn't work anymore though. They've seen her with the hair dye. Of course, Frank did give Rayla some hair extensions and different glass frames just in case she needed them. Not to mention brown hair dye in case she wants to go back natural. So now Rayla has long blonde hair and round, blue glass frames. Plus, we just couldn't let Tammy go without a disguise. So this morning we dyed it and gave it blonde streaks. Not just that, but she's also using Rayla's previous fake glass frames. Once we were finished with her we hardly recognized her. I and Ryan's disguises might be less affective because we simply changed our hair colors with wigs. I don't think that we have the time for colored contacts or spray tans. Now we're stopped in front of a super market and none of us are moving.
  3. "Do you think they'll let us use their phone?" asks Tammy. "Hope so. If not we just have to go to a different place. We'll come across someone who'll let us eventually," I say. "You'd better be right," says Tammy. The four of us walk in together. Hesitantly, we walk up to the desk clerk. It's busy but not that busy. No one is in line yet so it's probably the best time to ask. The desk clerk is a middle aged man. He is graying and has a beard. Smiling he says something in Arabic. Most likely pleading, Ryan says something back. The desk clerk sighs and scratches his head. While speaking he motions to a door with foreign writing on it. It's most likely the manager's office. He's telling us to take it up with the manager. Nodding his thanks, Ryan comes back toward us. "He says that we'll have to ask the manager and that he's pretty easy going. He'll probably let us call through." "Does he know that we're planning to call halfway around the world?" asks Tammy. He scratches his head nervously. "See, I was planning to bring that up real slow like." We all roll our eyes at him. It's no use arguing with him. He's the "man" in the group and will stick to his opinions like a cat chasing a mouse. Or like Lily's brother watching a Star Wars the Clone Wars marathon. So instead of arguing we go over and knock on the door of the manager's office.
  4. ***Ryan's Point of View*** A clean shaven man who looks to be in his twenties opens the door. In arabic, he asks me, "Sir, what is it you want?" "Can we use your phone? We're in sort of a desperate situation?" "How desperate?" "Very." Even though you can tell he doesn't want to, he let's us in. It's probably half out of curiosity and half out of obligation. "Who has to make the phone call?" I point to Jaslina. "She does. She must contact her relatives immediatley." To Jaslina he asks, "Who must you contact?" Once she doesn't respond he switches to English.
  5. "Oh you speak English, my apologies. So who must you call?" he speaks with a thick accent. "My mother. I need to contact her immediately. We are in a bit of a hurry." "Ah yes," he says, "that is what your friend was implying. Where is your mother located, child?" Jaslina gulps. "The United States." "The United States of America? The one halfway around the world?" "Yes. There is no other United States of America." He looks irritated. "I'm aware of that, miss. Where in the United States of America are we talking? The Atlantic coast, The Great Lakes, a land locked area, where?" "California to be precise. It's on the Pacific coast." "That is very far away. I'm not sure if I can help you people." Looking at me he says "I will take it up with my boss. Come back tomorrow and I'll see what I can do. Or you can simply go somewhere else to make this little phone call. I really don't care." He kicks us out of his office and slams the door. Well that worked out well!
  6. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** I feel like crying. I want to talk to my mom so bad. I miss her so much! What happens if they catch us and kill us and I never get to talk to her again? Tammy's voice jerks me from my thoughts of misery."He's not gonna take it up with his boss at all," says Tammy. "You could tell by the sound of his voice and his expression that he won't let us." "You're probably right," I say. "Maybe we should try somewhere else." Before we can say another word Ryan is already leading us out the door. So far this hasn't gone well. Altogether we try five businesses. Every attempt is a miserable failure. However, we decide to make one final attempt. "Alright," says Tammy, "but let's make this our last attempt for the evening. I doubt that this person will let us use their phone anyway." "This is our last one, Tammy. We swear. It's getting late anyway." I say. With only a sliver of hope we walk inside. This will probably be useless but why not try? Besides, if we stop trying we may be stuck here the rest of our lives! I don't even take time to look at the scenery. All I want is to get a hold of a phone. I'm gonna be the one making the call. That's mainly because I'm the one who went missing the most recently coupled with the fact that I'm the only one who can remember my phone number. Actually, Ryan can remember his phone number. But there's the whole his-only-living-relatives-are-international-criminals-and-are-hunting-us-down problem. So that leaves me the best option.
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I walk up to the desk manager about ready to cry. I've never felt this scared and miserable in my whole life. We've tried so many business, and each has ended terribly. This just has to work. This time as I talk to the desk clerk I'm not vague with him. "Sir," I say, "you have to help us. We're being chased. I'm afraid that something terrible might happen to us. If something does happen to us than none of my friends' families will know what happened to them. You don't have to do much to help us; just let us use your phone so that my friend can contact her mother." A look of sympathy comes across his face. All it takes is that look to give the small amount of hope I have left some meaning.
  8. ***Jaslina's Point of View***Walking up to the front desk, I pray silently in my head. "Lord Jesus, please let this work out so we can call through. Even then I pray that the police believe me!" Ryan speaks to the desk clerk in the foreign language that I wish I knew sometimes. It'd probably help me some. The man at the desk seems to be listening to Ryan intently; hanging on his every word. Wow he must be laying it on pretty thick for him to be this intrigued! After a series of nods and arching of the eyebrows the desk clerk finally speaks up. I don't know what he's saying but it sounds positive to me. Tammy, Rayla, and I exchange glances. Could it be? After Ryan apparently pleads his thanks a cell phone gets handed over the counter to Ryan. Such a device has never looked so beautiful to me. "He says that we can't use the hotels phone for something like this, but that we could gladly use his." Handing the phone to me he says, "Oh and he also said we've got fifteen minutes." Already dialing, I say "That's plenty of time for me." I'm sitting by myself on the lobby couch. So the dude didn't think that we were stealing his phone the others stayed next to the front desk. After a series of rings my mom answers the phone, "Who are you and why are you calling me at this time in the morning?" She doesn't sound angry really, just sad and upset. I hope my disappearance hasn't affected her too badly. Clearing my throat I say, "Mom, it's me. I can't talk too long I've only got fifteen minutes."
  9. I hear a crash and a stumble in the background. "Jaslina?!" she sounds both in shock and overjoyed. "Is it really you? Where are you honey? Are you okay?" "Yes, we're fine. For now anyway. I don't have much time to explain. We're in Baghdad. Call the cops. We need to get out of here now before they find us!" "Before who finds you? And who's we?" "We are me, my new friends Tammy, Rayla, and Ryan"”" Mom cuts me off. "Isn't Ryan the one who helped kidnap you?!" "Yes, but he's cool. He's on our side. The people chasing us are Ryan's mom, sister, the one that purchased me, and a former friend that turned on us. We just got away from them and they may be hot on our trail." "How close are they?" "I don't know." Seemingly out of nowhere tears come streaming down my face. "Mom please hurry and call the police. It won't be much longer before they find us. And once they do it'll be too late." My mom's crying too. "Jaslina please don't say that! I'll see you soon I promise! They won't find you, they can't!" "Just pray. God will take care of us. And if not, I'll see you on the other side." "That won't happen, Jas, I promise. I'll call the police right away. This whole conversation has been recorded. I'll show this recording to the police. I'll see you in less than twenty-four hours. I love you, honey." "I love you too, mom. I hope to see you soon." Hanging up I take the phone up to the desk clerk and exchange hugs with Tammy, Rayla, and Ryan. It's only now that I realize that I could be living out my final hours here. Everyone else seems to have realized the same thing. They most likely heard my conversation. I wasn't too quiet about speaking. The desk clerk sees this. He whispers too us in English, "I wish you luck. Let Jesus the messiah be with you." With a wink he turns and walks away.
  10. ***Ryan's Point of View*** Exauhsted, we go back to the truck and go to sleep. Once I'm sure nobody can hear me I let joyful tears run down my face. My friends would think I'm such a wimp for crying, but for once I don't care. All I know is that the American cops will be here in less than twenty-four hours. We might just make it back to the USA alive. Many times I have wondered if mom left the bugging device in this truck. I don't think that she would have. After all, she did re-capture us. Because of that, she probably would've removed it. Either way, I guess it doesn't matter. Sapphire and mom don't need a bugging device to find us. Their masters at what they do. They'd probably find us with or without one. I just hope that the cops get to us first.

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