Percy Jackson Love Story part 16

SORRY SORRY SORRY!! I meant to have this up before my stupid exams but no such luck....I miss you all and I just wanted to remind you that I'm still alive over here lol.

Will you get the guy of your dreams? Or will you remain just friends? Well, take the Percy Jackson Love Story quiz and find out for yourself! Good luck

Created by: Calypso1315
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  1. Percy wrapped his arms tightly around you, pressing your head gently down on his shoulder, stroking your hair as you sobbed. You felt so you were drowning, but your arms and legs were tied together and you coudn't swim...Luke was possessed, doing the bidding of the evil Lord of the Titans, while, here YOU were, sobbing your head off like it would make it all better. Yeah, right.
  2. "Shh..shh, Violet, shh....It's alright! It's all good!" Percy says desperatly. You just sobbed harder. Taking a deep, resigned breath, Percy asks, "Gods of Olympus, Violet, what's going on?" "I'm sorry...Percy...I...can't!" You gasp between sobs. You feel Percy shake his head. "Why can't you tell me?" He asks, now sounding stricken with guilt, as if he, too, has been witholding something from you. HIs tone surprises you so much, that you sat up and looked at him inquiringly.
  3. He sighed and said, "Vi, do you know why I was sent on this quest in the first place?" You found yourself shaking your head. You had agreed to the quest before you had even asked where you were going. "Chiron wants me to get the lightening bolt- Zeus' master bolt-back from Hades, so I can clear my and my dad's name. But that's not what I intend on doing. I'll get the bolt if I can. I'm going to save my mother."
  4. It was at that point that you realized how little you knew about Percy Jackson, Son of Sally Jackson. "Why? What...happened to...her?" You asked, choking down your sobs. Percy's face looked tortured as he said, "She was...abducted. By Hades. He sent the Minotaur to take her. I have absolutely NO idea why. But I need to get down there ASAP." You nodded slowly, wiping away your final tears.
  5. "Thank you for telling me, Percy. I know this must be hrad for you..." You said and he nodded. "Is it nice," you asked, before you could stop yourself, "having a mom? Is it nice having her around all the time, knowing she's there for you?" Percy looked at you, alarmed, before he realized what you meant. "Uh..yeah. It is. It's nice knowing she's always there for me. I'm...I'm sorry, Vi. I'm sorry I dragged you into this. You didn't even know what the quest was about until now..." You were going to tell him it was okay but...
  6. realized that if you hadn't gone on the quest, you hadn't gone on the quest, you wouldn't have gotten injured, Luke wouldn't have been possessed, and you wouldn't be in your current dilemna. "Could be worse," you said hollowly, trying not to scream at yourself for being such an idiot. 'Yeah, Vi, just cuz you can kick royal troll butt during CTF, doesn't mean you're ready to go tackle the world. Jeez,' you thought venemoously to yourself.
  7. Percy yawned suddenly and, even though it was about noon, you found you were tired too. "You as exausted as I am?" Percy asked. "Yeah," you said, as your eyelids began fluttering madly, trying to stay open. You fell backwards anyways. Percy caught you, but you were both soom out like lights in a power-outage...
  8. Someone was shaking you. You opened your eyes slowly; the sun was in about the same spot in the sky. Percy was smirking down at you. "Whasgoinon?" you asked groggily. "Grover found a new friend," said Percy, smirking his face off. You looked over at Grover- and saw that he was conversing quietly with a...a pink poodle. Sure, it was dirty and matted, but still unaturally pink. "Vi, meet Gladiola. Gladiola, meet Violet," said Grover, as if humans were introduced to poodles everyday. The poodle yapped expectantly at you. You just stared at it. "Say hello to the poodle, Vi," said Grover. You continued to stare. What was your life coming to? "Vi," said Percy, "I said hello to the poodle. You say hello to the poodle. The poodle barked and growled at you. You said hello to the poodle.
  9. According to the poodle, it ran away from a rich family who had posted a $200 reward for Gladiola's return. Apparently Gladiola read the signs. He didn't really want to go back, but he was willing if it meant helping Grover. Also, there was an Amtrac train heading west (meaning the direction you wanted to go) scheduled for 2 pm. According to Percy's watch, it was 1 pm. "So, we return Gladiola, get the money, head West. Simple," Percy said. And that's exactly what you did. One hour later, you found yourself on a train squished between Percy and Grover. "Go back to sleep, if you can, Vi. Where we're going, you're gonna need it," said Grover. And you were asleep again.
  10. Okay, guys, I'm really sorry that this edition was so short. I need a little help moving the story if anybody's got any ideas, my email is calypso1315@gmail(.)com. PLEASE, anything is helpful. Also, I have barely enough time right now (supposed to be studying, but I had this in my head and I was going crazy trying to push it away and focus) so that's why the questions are so short...but anyway, I hope you don't hate me for the little and crappiness of this. "Fly you high".

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