Percy Jackson- Are you a real supporter?

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PJO has been a wonderful series loved by fans all over the world. There's Percy, son of the sea god...Annabeth, always full of knowledge...and loads of other characters, who also possess strong powers!

Are YOU a Percy Jackson supporter? Do you know enough about the five books that I will be testing you later? Take a few minutes to answer this quiz and find out!

Created by: Annabeth1999
  1. What is Annabeth's fatal flaw in book 2?
  2. Place the death of these four characters in order.
  3. What does the sentence "Braccas meas vescimini" means in what language?
  4. What did Cerces turn Percy into, and how did he escaped?
  5. Complete this sentence Rachel Elizabeth Dare said to Percy: "What kind of name is Percy ____________?"
  6. Easy one- What's the name of the pegasus Percy saved and what does it call him?
  7. If Annabeth was seven, how old would be Percy, Luke and Thalia?
  8. "Curse me, eh? / I'll make you pay!/ I don't want to-"
  9. What is Apollo's form of poetry called?
  10. Last question! What famous architecture did Zoe, Percy, Thalia, and Grover visited in The Titan's Curse?

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Quiz topic: Percy Jackson- am I a real supporter?