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  • You know how much I love you, correct?~

    This edition was AMAZING, I loved the Percy and Violet moment. So cute. And then sleeping between Grover and Percy on the train?! BEST FICTIONAL DAY OF MY LIFE! My heart stopped (I always think of Katy Perry's song "Teenage Dream" when I say that) when I saw this quiz up. I hope your studies are going well! You ought to take some time off for yourself though, if ever you get it. You deserve to do something relaxing xD You're ver devoted, I adore you. So much. More than anything. If you hadn't started writing I'd probably be dead right now. I'm not even kidding. I can't wait for the next edition! I'll send you an email if I get an idea; I'm thinking right now (I rarely do). Stay groovy!

  • Hey @Bluebird and @Freeze in da house! Yea @Bluebird sprained BOTH her wrists so I've got to type her quizzes and stuff up for her. I'm talking to her. She tells me what to write and I put some of my input in there. We both think it was amazing! We really need to take more quiz series! We're only taking yours at the moment. Anyways can't wait for the next one and @Bluebird wants to say 'As always, I'll be looking.'

  • @HogwartsLoveL And this is why I wish you were like, my sister or something. I'm glad you liked it- I doubt anybody else will. I only have my science, math, and Spanish exams left, and then HOME FREAKING FREE. Lol, well, I adore you too, and if you get anything, that would make me so freakin happy. You stay groovy too!

  • @ivoryleaf: lol thank you!!!

    @ILuvHoli ster: THANKS! THREE DOWN TWO TO GO!!

    @Clarissa: Yup! That'd be awesome!

    @5th: Hey! Hey, hey 5th! I'm glad someone likes him...I thought everybody hated

    @Despe reauxOliver: Hey thats okay! I'm glad you're starting one! Tell me when it's out!!

    @Allycat: LOL I love you too!!!

    @Bookworm : I hope you feel better! Any deas would be AWESOME! Ill have more out as soon as I am free of school in two days...

    @Freeze and Bluebird: OMG BLUEBIRD!!!! Feel better soon!!! Lol thanks! You arent reading Nats quiz? You should. Get better soon, Bluebird and thank you both for reading!

  • That was supermegawesomefoxy hot. I nearly died when I had that moment with Percy... So worth it! If I think of anything, I'll let you know. It probably wouldn't be all that great though cuz I have world's worst cold ever. :P Great edition, keep it up and don't strain yourself!

  • Wow,amazing!! I might be starting a Percy Jackson series.You are

    So amazing!! But I never talked to you before...:/

  • I love reading this series :P It's just so much better than the book because it's in a different view.

  • Loved it! Umm . . . I would email you but I'm not allowed to. G2Q forums work? *fingers crossed*

  • @Calypso1315- Cold=Gone and now got my brain up and revving to help! I'll keep thinking..

  • Hey! Hey! Hey,Calypso!! I LOVE DOMINIC!!!! Woohoo!! XD Anyway,awesomeness as usual :)

  • OMG!!! So touching, I loved this quiz! Good luck with exams!!!!

  • Cal.
    I love you.
    So much.
    'Nuff said~


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