Somehow I'm Alive (part 12)

Are you anxiouse to see Tammy in Landon again? Don't worry you'll see them soon. If not in this one then in part 13. I think that you guys will like this part.

This one is more about Ryan and Jaslina's personal relationship than the other ones. Even with the suspense I'm trying to show Ryan and Jaslina's growing bond. Am I doing a good job of it?

Created by: Topaz

  1. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I don't think I've ever been so nervous in my life. Jaslina, Rayla, and I have been up for most of the night in an attempt to perfect my hopefully flawless plan. We were thinking that if I could convince mom and Sapphire that I'm on their side that they'll lead us to Tammy and Landon. Sure it sounds easy enough, but this is my mom and sister we're talking about. There are no two people who are harder to trick. I walk into the hotel with Jaslina and Rayla. Mom and Sapphire aren't here yet, so they shouldn't even notice that Jaslina and Rayla are here. "You're sure this'll work?" asks Rayla. "It's your mom and sister. They might not fall for it." Putting on a brave face, I say,"It'll work. Trust me. They think I'm weak and spineless. If anyone is bound to believe this it's them." I look out the window and see them. They're right on time. They said that they'd meet me in the lobby at 3:30. It's 3:29 right now. "They're coming. You guys need to get out of sight. If they see you with me they'll know something's up." "Where do we hide?" they ask in unison. "Um, uh... behind those big plants." They crawl on their knees behind the plants as I walk toward the lobby sofa and take a seat. Before they sit down next to me I pray a quick prayer for strength. Sapphire takes a seat across from me and my mother on my left. Mom gives a pleased chuckle. "I knew that you wouldn't stay on their side forever, Ryan. You must admit it that I know you better than you think." The whole time I'm talking I'm holding back the urge to gag. "You were right, mom. Being on their side isn't worth it. I'm going to do the smart thing and rejoin you." Mom and Sapphire are wearing pleased smirks. Eventually Sapphire says, "So, what about the two girls who you've been traveling with? They're two of Akmals runnaways. You won't just desert them and let them escape...." "Hey, you know that I wouldn't do that." "Good. Then you'll bring them to us as prisoners?" I make have to force myself to respond to that. "Yes. You know I will. Where?" Mom laughs. "Ryan, you must know where. You've been there before." "The plantation?" "No, not the plantation. The other place."
  2. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** It's hard to see what's happening from behind the plants, but eventually I work my way into a position to where I can see everything.Sapphire and the White-dressed Woman are wearing pleased smirks. The White-dressed Woman is saying something and using a hand gesture. A fake smile lights up Ryan's face. I know that it's fake. If it were real his brown eyes would be glowing. Now Ryan is saying something in response and nodding. A piece of the White-dressed Woman's hair lets loose from her veil and she twirls it around her finger. So far, the plan is working all too well. Now Sapphire is saying something in which cold-heartedness lights up her eyes. Whatever she's saying I know it must be underhanded. Anger shows in Ryan's face but instantly disappears. Ryan says something to her, his face blank. They stand up and walk toward us. "So, we're agreed then?" "Yes, mother. I'll be seeing you soon. I've got business to take care of." "Okay." She looks around then whispers, "Meet Sapphire and I at the place of Landon and Tammy's capture. Hopefully you understood my directions. If you didn't it's okay. You'll know it when you see it."
  3. "We'll be seeing you soon, brother dear." They walk out quickly at pace. I can tell clearly by the look on Ryan's face that it went well. "So how'd it go?" asked Rayla. "Very good. I know where they're holding Tammy and Landon already. All we have to do now is bust them out." "Yeah, sure. It's as easy as walking in there and saying to them, "˜Hey guys, we're here to bust out our pals. We need to get them out so we can escape back to the states and call the police on you. Will you please let us through?'" I sigh. "Rayla, I thought we had already settled this. You said you were good with the plan." "Sure, I said that. However, I don't think that we'll be able to get Landon and Tammy out of there at all." To Ryan she says, "Your mom and sister are awfully smart, Ryan. Do you think we can do it?" "Rayla, where's your faith? Did Jesus not promise to always be with us?" "He promised that, but what if that doesn't count here?" "It counts. Trust me Rayla. If it didn't count here there is no way we would've survived that fire. There's no way we would've gotten off the plantation in the first place if God wouldn't have been with us." She seems to be considering this. "Alright, I'll give this plan shot. God did get us through all that. Plus he gave us the only person who knows almost everything about the White-dressed Woman and Sapphire." Ryan gets a smile of pride on his face at Rayla's comment. "So," Ryan says, "should we be on our way back and start making our plans?" "Yes. I guess that the best way to spring Tammy and Landon would be to come up with an escape plan." "I can't think of a better idea," says Rayla. We head for the exit terrified of the danger that will most likely come from this.
  4. ***Tonight I am the one sitting outside in the middle of the night. I couldn't sleep. Sleeping isn't something that I do very much of lately. I kept tossing and turning. Not wanting to wake up Rayla or Ryan, I came out here. The stars are very pretty out here. I never saw stars this beautiful back in California. "It's a nice night out tonight isn't it?" I turn around and see Ryan striding toward me. I've been discovered. "Yeah, it is. I couldn't sleep." "I couldn't either. There's too much on my mind. I heard you get out a few minutes ago and thought it'd be nice to hang out." He takes a seat beside me. "Well, you're free to. I'm not gonna drive you away." He chuckles. "Really, I totally expected you to. I thought that you'd hit me with your broom stick if I didn't leave." He says teasing. "Ryan," I say teasing back, "Your sarcasm pains me. You've wounded me in the heart." Now we're both laughing. He reaches out and touches my hair. "I'm glad to see you blonde again. No offense, but I hate you with your wig on." "It's funny, but I hate you with your wig on too. You don't look like yourself when you're a brunette." "Really, that's the same thing that I think of you with black hair and a spray tan. Come to think of it we probably don't need our aliases anymore. As soon as we spring Tammy and Landon we're out of here." "True. We'll probably be back in the U.S. in a few days." I see a look of disappointment cross Ryan's face. "What?" I say, "Don't you want to go back to California? Things can finally go back to normal."
  5. "For you they can. Sure my mom and sister are mean, but they did give me shelter. Once we're back in California, I'll be homeless. There'll be no one to take me in." He's right. I'm only thinking of myself. Not just will he be homeless but so will Tammy, Rayla, and Landon. I'll be the only one with a permanent home. Sure my mom would love to take them all in, but would she be able to. There'd plenty of space if she just took two people in, but if she took in four it'd start getting cramped. My mom's filthy rich, so money wouldn't be an issue. "You're right. Not just would you be homeless but so would Tammy, Rayla and Landon. My mother would like taking you in, but there would be space problems." I look at him. I can somehow tell that there is another issue that he's hiding. "Why else do you not want to go back to the states? I can tell something else is on your mind. Would you like to share it?" "No, not really. It's nothing." "Are you sure?" Ryan remains silent. He does want to share. For some reason he won't. Then some of the White-dressed Woman's words return to my mind. "She would never have you. You're the son of the woman that kidnapped her and the twin of my daughter." This has something to do with me. "I'm not going to force it out of you. Although, if you ever do want to tell me, allow me to say that you can always trust me." I see his eyes sparkle and shine in the moonlight. Lifting his hand to my face, he gently caresses my cheek and moves down toward my chin and then up toward the opposite cheek. "You really wanna know why I don't want to go back?"
  6. He's about to tell me when there is a noise from behind us. He jerks his hand away from my face and we turn around swiftly. It's only Rayla, and might I say that she has very bad timing. "Oh," she says embarrassed of her intrusion. "I woke up and noticed Jaslina was gone. I was worried. I'll just go away now." "No." Ryan and I say in unison. "I mean no." I say, "We were just about to head back anyway. Weren't we, Ryan?" "Uh...yes." He says standing up. Now lending me his hand he says, "Why don't we go back together." "Um, okay. Sure," says Rayla. Once we get back Rayla falls asleep instantly. I should probably go to sleep too. Turning over I gradually fall asleep. What might have been the best moment of my life, ruined in two seconds? I hope that Ryan never believes that I would ever hold who he's related to against him. There are many reasons why I'd never hold that against him, but here are my main two. Two, he's been saved by the blood of Jesus. He's a fellow Christian. I'd never hold anything like that against a fellow Christian. The first one, my main reason, I think that I'm starting to get attached to him. What's happened to me?
  7. ***Ryan's Point of View*** Wow. I can't believe that I almost shared my deepest thoughts with Jaslina. I never share my thoughts with anyone, and I never thought that sharing my thoughts with another person would ever occur to me. Really, there's something different about Jaslina. I want to tell her everything; I want her to trust me and I want to return that trust. Sure I've been looked at and admired by tons of other girls, but Jaslina is different. How could I ever want somebody other than Jaslina? Of course, I should probably pray that we all get out of here alive before thinking of a long-term girlfriend. I roll over on the seat and try to fall asleep.
  8. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** I am placing my veil atop my head and smoothing out my cloak. Rayla is doing the same as me. Ryan is in his usual place inside of the truck. That's how it goes. Ryan sleeps inside the truck and Rayla and I sleep in the trunk. Only now, we aren't sleeping. We're busy dressing for the day's events. Today we get Tammy and Landon out of their imprisonment, buy our plane tickets, and run for our lives back to the U.S. "Only a couple more day's Jaslina," I say to myself. I hop out and then assist Rayla. "I can't wait to see Tammy," says Rayla. "I know that there are times when we can't stand each other, but she's like my sister. I miss her a lot." "I can't wait to bust them out," I say. "I can't stand the fact that the Caroga women have them captured. I wish that we could've done something sooner. A lot sooner." "Don't worry. Within a few hours they'll be out. Then, by tomorrow, we'll have our plane tickets and be on our way back to the United States. I hope that I can find my mother after all these years. It'd be awesome to see her and live under her roof again; especially after I've been living on the plantation for six years." "There I can't relate to you. I can relate to you in wanting to see my mother again though. I miss my mother so much. I hope that she hasn't been despairing over me. I know she thinks I'm gone forever, but I don't want her to be in the depths of inconsolable despair." "I see your point. I hope my mother has forgotten her role in my capture."
  9. "Her role? What did she do?" I ask. "Well, she didn't mean for me to get kidnapped at all. She had to go on a month long business trip so she sent me to my aunt's. My aunt hated me. Four days after I showed up there, my aunt took me to some deserted airport. A woman in a white dress and leather mask tried taking me. I told my aunt to stop her but she said, "˜Go with them, you'll be fine.' The woman took me on a plane. Looking out the window of the plane that day was my last glimpse of America. Only, now that I'm going back, I will finally get to face my aunt. Personally, I hope that she does prison time for what she put me through." "She should do prison time. Why would your aunt do that?" "Like I said, she hates me. She hated me then, hates me now, and will hate me in the future. I don't know what I ever did to her though." "So, did you ever meet the woman in the mask before the day of the kidnapping?" "No. Not once. Well, Tammy and Landon did but not me. Why do you ask?" "Because she's the one that's kidnapped everyone on the Akmal plantation. It sounds to me like she uses the same methods each time. Even if she does change her name, shouldn't she have been caught by now?"
  10. "Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I think the reason that she hasn't been caught up with yet is because she does it so calmly. This is usually the pattern. You become friends with her children, they work to gain your trust, and then they ask you to go on an outing with them at some place you've never heard of or that is deserted. "To most, I would think that that would send up a red flag right there. Anyway, for some reason, parents go along with letting their kids go off with them. Only now, the White-dressed Woman's more recent kidnappings, even when the parents do come along she still manages to take the kid. It's very strange. I'm just glad now that one member of her trio has decided to switch sides. Ryan's actually been very useful to our cause." "I've gotta agree with that," I say. The car door swings opened. "Are you girls ready to go? Today's the day." "Yeah, we're ready," I say. "Good. Let's move out."
  11. A description of the sequel is in the results. :P

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