Journeys 2: The Mysterious House

Heres part two! -requested and inspired by Firey_Soul- Please read this carefully. They are your instructions for the adventure you are soon to embark on. You will NOT answer every question in order, instead you will make your choices and where your choice leads you to will determine which question you go to.

This time, you stumble upon a creepy old house, and you don't know what to excpext! Will you even come out alive? Lets find out! Start reading Part two now!

Created by: thisismyquiz

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  1. In the last part of your journey, you started out. Now you're back on the road. You come to a house that has red lettering on the pickey fence. It says: FINAL RESTING PLACE _________ DO NOT DISTURB. You wonder what used to be in the blank. The house, you see, is a small mansion, the old-fashioned, falling-apart, dark, eery type. There are two entrances: the front door and the side door. You know you'll have to stop here for the night. To go to the front door, go to question four.To go to the side door, go to question five.
  2. You knock on the front door. From inside, you hear a haunting moan. "Um, excuse me?" you plead. The door opens to reveal a home full of black, bony, dusty furniture, which fit the scary night and house. You carefully step in. Then you see two doors. One has a picture of a book on it, the other-a stone. If you pick the book door, go to question six.If you pick the stone door, go to question seven.
  3. You discover that there really is no side door! Just a hole, which you fall into and find yourself in a sort of basement. You could, of course, stay here and wait for someone to help you- or, you could go up those cobwebbbed stairs.... If you want to stay, go to question eight.. If you want to go upstars, go to question nine.
  4. You go through the book door and find a library. "Of course!" you say to yourself. Then you see a poodle looking up at you. You gasp. You realize that this poodle had been scaring you. You laugh at yourself and cozy up. THE END.
  5. You go through the stone door and see an old man in a bed. You realize in horror that he's dead! You freak out and try to exit the house, but can't. You fall asleep in the foyer, terrorized. THE END.
  6. You stay in the dark room. You discover a light switch. As the room brightens, you see that you are in a large room full of carnival rides! You also see many signs for DON'S HALLOWEEN HAUNTED HOUSE AND CARNIVAL. You laugh at yourself for thinking the house was really haunted, and after a carousel ride, you fall asleep. THE END.
  7. You go upstairs and discover a big waterbed and a flat screen TV. You enjoy a night of bouncy cable TV, then fall asleep. THE END.
  8. Well, I hope you got the ending you wanted!
  9. Now its the morning, you leave, wave goodbye to the house- oh! And if you found the poodle, you can bring it with you on the road! And start walking.

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