Which Nuanre Character are you?

Which of the main characters from my story are you? You could be the mysterious Kol, sensitive Sia, or obsessive Aen. We will never know, unless you take the quiz.

You are thrown into the midst of a world of magic and wonder. Whom are you most like in your thoughts and actions? Are you a mysterious figure or a heroic prince?

Created by: Century Child

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  1. First off, where do you reside?
  2. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  3. A man has just told you that he accidentaly ran over and killed your cat with his cart; what is your reaction?
  4. You have just been informed, via forbidden history book, that the man and woman you call your parents are merely adoptive, and your real father is still alive; what do you do?
  5. Which would you prefer to have?
  6. You have been kidnapped. Why?
  7. What happens next?
  8. You are forced, by law, to marry a person you do not love, what is your reaction?
  9. A stray dog walks up to you, asking for attention.
  10. Finally, you must read a book, which do you choose?

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Quiz topic: Which Nuanre Character am I?