What Mario Character Are You?

We all have our favorite Mario characters, but only few of us know who we are most like. Well, take this quiz to see! You may be Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Princess Daisy, Bowser, Wario, or Waluigi!

Which Mario character are YOU? Which character could be your best friend? What character would you hate the most? Take this quiz to find out! You might be surprised with the results!

Created by: Krisy Ellingson
  1. Hi! Are you excited for this quiz?
  2. If you had a superpower, what would it be?
  3. What's your favorite color out of any of these?
  4. If your parents threw a huge party at your house and over 50 people came, all people who you don't know, what would you do?
  5. What's your favorite hobby out of these?
  6. What's your favorite food/drink?
  7. Which emblem out of these do you think best describes you?
  8. What's your game out of any of these?
  9. About how many hours a day do you play video games?
  10. If you were lost in a dark forest with your best friend, and your friend freaks out because he/she hears a noise, what would you do?
  11. Last question! Are you glad?

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Quiz topic: What Mario Character am I?