Somehow I'm Alive (part 4)

Thank-you for all of the positive comments you left. I'm so glad that you all like my story. I spent a lot of time writing it, and wasn't brave enought to put any of it online until now. Your comments have encouraged me. :)

If you think that the story is good now, just wait. This is only the begining. New characters get added and more suspense builds up, and a lot of twists and turns take place. Enjoy the story!

Created by: Topaz
  1. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I wake up feeling somewhat refreshed. There's no way I can possibly feel great, but refreshed is good enough for now. I throw on some jeans and a red t-shirt before going to the ship's dining room for breakfast. Hopefully the bible comforts Jaslina a little bit. One thing that I didn't think of before is what she'll do with it once she's in Saudi Arabia. Her master and his family are practicing muslims, and aren't too fond of Christians. I guess all that I can hope for is that she'll leave the bible on the ship. Hopefully giving her the bible doesn't get her into deeper trouble. When I enter the room Saphire and mom are already at the table. Saphire is eating two peices of toast and an apple. Mom is eating fried eggs, sausages and a stack of pancakes. Despite the terrible situation that I might have caused,I can't help but chuckle. If there's one thing that Saphire didn't get from mom it's a healthy appetite. I get myself a huge stack of pancakes with a side of sausage and bacon. As I'm inhaling my food a question occurs to me.
  2. "Hey,mom," I ask. "Did either of you give Jaslina something to eat?" She probably hasn't eaten since lunch yesterday. "You mean blondie?" says mom. "Why would I waste good food on her?" "Akmal might not like his slaves half-starved." (Akmal is Jaslina's future master.) "Ryan, did you hit your head or something? We've sold the man plenty of half-starved slaves. He's never cared about the condition their in, so long as they're able to work." She shoves a forkful of egg into her mouth before saying, "Why do you care?" "No reason. The thought just came to me." Shockingly, Saphire is already done with her food and ready to leave. Before leaving she says, "Just for your sake you'd better be telling the truth. All it'll take for us to get arrested is a caring thought toward one of our kidnap victums." Not looking at her, I say, "Sorry, Saphire. You're right. I wasn't thinking." After a few minutes mom finshes her food too, leaving me there alone. Part of me knows that Saphire is right. Helping Jaslina could be the first step to getting all of us put in prison. Yet again, I just can't let the poor girl starve. I get up from my seat and walk over to the pantry. There's a big basket in the pantry that's never been used for anything. It's about time that it get's used for something. I guess that MSG will be making another delivery.
  3. ***Jaslina's Point of View*** When I awake the next morning I let out a long groan. For a second I forget where I am and am in confusion about why my back is stiff. As soon as I sit up and open my eyes I immediately remember my whereabouts. From a night of sleeping on the hard cold floor, my back is stiff. Stretching, I groan again. I'm starving. The Caroga's are probably too good to share their food. Looking around I come across a basket. Why doesn't this shock me? I hesitate for a second, but I get closer. In the basket is enough food to last me for almost a week! There were apples, bananas, peaches, oranges, tomatoes, carrots, corn, bread, bottled water, you name it. It's hard to believe that he got it to fit all in one basket. Between two apples is a note: Dear Jaslina, The Caroga's probably won't feed you much. So I've taken it upon myself to feed you. You've only got five days left on this ship. After that I must bid you farewell unless an emergency comes up that I must write to you. I must go. Yours Truly, MSG P.S. Please leave you basket near a loose floor board. I can only stare at it. I wish that I knew who he was. I know that he isn't one of the Caroga's. He sent me a Bible. Also the handwriting on the letters doesn't match Saphire's or Ryan's, and I doubt that the White-dressed Woman would waste time with this sort of kindness. Is there someone on this ship that even they don't know about? Is that really possible? Am I in more danger than I was before?Even though there might be something wrong with the food I grab a few apples and eat them anyway. If I die now it will save me from a terrible fate. After ten minutes I haven't died, so I grab my Bible and start reading Genesis. Okay, so I am not in any danger around MSG apparently, he wants me kept alive as much as the Caroga's do. Well, hopefully with better intentions. Then, suddenly, it comes to me. Did he say "loose floor boards"? Hesitantly, I walk over to the spot where I found the basket and pull on the nearest one. With a final tug it comes off with no problem. Maybe if I go even farther below deck I can find out where he hides. This might be stupid of me, but I've already been kidnapped. What more could happen? Jerking off the final board, I take my Bible with me under my shirt and decide to go for it. If the Caroga's do know about this place it would be best if they did not see my Bible.
  4. Sitting on the edge of the big gaping hole in the floor, I start to lower myself. To my surprise, it's very deep. I can stand up straight and not even come close to bumping my head on the ceiling. Without fear, I walk forward with my hand on the wall. Its pitch black down here. Even though I can't see, it feels like it keeps going straight. Or like it goes on and on forever. That's not possible, so I keep walking. After about a half-hour I run into a staircase. It is a long winding staircase with candles lighting the way. Faintly, I can see the top. On the way up I grab a candle off the wall for extra light. The whole way up I wonder to myself why I talked myself into doing this. I never knew there'd be so much walking! After I am a little over halfway up my candle decides to burn out. Unable to grab another one, I put one hand on the wall again. Now this is starting to feel like a hike. Hopefully, it will be a hike worth making. Finally, after an hour, I'm at the top. I want to shout for joy, but I don't want to be heard. How would all of this fit on one ship anyway? Once I look around I discover that, after all of that walking, I am at a dead end. My joy turns to anger and my anger to confusion when I see this. On the wall is a picture of a woman. The picture is so incredibly large it takes up the entire wall. It is so huge that it would make mom jealous. (Mom loves mega-sized pictures. There happen to be several in our home, but not as large as this.) The woman in the picture has long, wispy, black hair and deep, dark, brown eyes. They remind me of deer eyes. My description of her sounds plain, but she's far from plain. She is one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. This is what I've always wanted to look like. It's not possible though. My hair is straight and blond. My eyes are blue. I'm too tall and my face is plain. I am nothing like her. However when you look at her facial expression she looks kind of sad. Okay. Enough with the picture. In front of the picture is a rug. It's royal blue with red and yellow designs around the outer edges. One more thing that you can't miss is the candle holders all around the picture. There are dozens and dozens of brass candle holders. Each with a rose carved on it and a lit candle in each one. Wait! Is this some type of memorial or something? Shrugging, I turn around to leave. There is nothing for me here. Not watching where I'm going I trip over my shoelace and lose grip on the unlit candle. It rolls back near the picture and gently touches the edge of the frame. Now on my feet I go to pick it up and discover that the big, giant picture is opening up just like a door. Deserting the candle, I pull it opened the rest of the way. If I ever see Lily again she'll never believe this.
  5. When I get enough room to go through, I discover more stairs. Only now they're going downward. Groaning, I march on. The only thing that is keeping me from turning back now is the thought of what might be at the end of the stairs. Hopefully it's not more stairs. This time I see a flashlight on the wall, so I grab it. After climbing down for nearly an hour I discover a room. I pause and listen to make sure that no one is coming. (You know, just to take precautions.) Luckily, no one is around. Twisting on the door knob, I discover that it's unlocked. Why would it be locked? M.S.G thinks that he's the only one who knows about this place. The room is nothing extraordinary. It is only a bedroom. The only thing that is extraordinary about it is the fact that it's beneath the floor boards on a mid-sized ship. Really, MSG's room is nice. Well, nice but small. The bed is shoved up against the wall. It is twin-sized and has a blue cotton blanket. In the corner is a sofa that looks absolutely hideous. There are holes, rips, snags and stains all over it. Without all of that it'd probably look somewhat good. In another corner is a wooden desk. It's a very beautiful desk to be exact. It looks almost new. "These must be MSG's quarters. Only he would have a desk this nice." I say to myself. I pause again to listen for anyone. The only sound that I hear is my own breathing. I turn around to exit the room. But before I can even exit the room someone hits me over the head with a heavy object. From there the whole world goes black.
  6. ***Ryan's Point of View*** I'm standing here freaking out! How'd she get down here?! Really, how she got down here is the least of my worries. I don't want her waking up thinking I hit her over the head. I was on my way down here to get my black t-shirt that I left down here last night. The ship hit a big wave and knocked the door post above her head loose. It fell off and hit her on the head. Oh well. If I play dumb around her when she wakes up everything should be fine. Right?!
  7. ***Four Days Later*** Our ship sails into a small harbor off of the coast of Saudi Arabia today. Really, it isn't even a harbor. It's a secret location that Akmal helps us set up. However, that's not where he meets us. I sigh and look down at Jaslina. Somehow I managed to drag her back here to the broom closet. She still isn't awake yet either. Saphire and I hve been taking turns watching her. Of course I still do more of the babysitting. Only with this it's by choice. I don't trust Saphire any more than I'd trust a Walmart sale's person. (You seriously can't trust them. They always try to trick you into buying stuff that you don't want!)
  8. Suddenly Jaslina's eyes flutter open. I breathe out a sigh of relief. "Well, she's finally awake," I say. "What happend?" she asks sleepily. Trying to sound convincing I say, "Four days ago you passed out on the main deck, and I had to carry all the way back here," After a slight pause, "How'd you get out anyway?" She compleatly ignores my question. "Wait, did you say four day's ago?"
  9. "Yes, four day's ago. You've been out ever since I found you. Still, I don't understand how you got out." She lies. "You left the door unlocked." I feign embarrasment at that. "Oh. I could almost swear that I remember locking it." "Well, apparently you didn't lock it." "Oh well. I'll be sure to lock it next time. Now eat." I do my best to sound cruel. Most likely it isn't working.
  10. "Why?" she asks. "You meet your master today, and my mom want's you strong." It wasnt' a total lie. Only a partial lie. I exit the room to get my mom and sister. I have to tell them she's awake so we can take the next step to ruining her life. Since Jaslina has her back turned I take a long look at her. After mom makes her trade with Akmal I think that I'm going to pray my first prayer ever.Jaslina might not survive if I don't.

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