Haunted House part 4

Haunted houses are houses that have had death inside them. There are many things in them: ghosts, dead bodies, maybe zombies. Many wonder if they can go through a haunted house and make it out alive. Can you?

Do you tink you have what it takes to go through a haunted house and make it out alive? Take the quiz to find out. Make wise choices. Don't take it if you're scared!

Created by: Actress97

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  1. Ok, so, your friends dare you to go into a haunted house. What do you say?
  2. Whatever you said, you go anyway. When you get to the door, you hear screaming and other scary noises. What do you do?
  3. When you go into the house, there are three doors. Door #1 has a sun, door #2 has a cross, and door #3 has a water drop. Which one?
  4. Whichever door you walk through, there is a skeleton holding a piece of paper. You take it and open it. It says "turn around". What do you do?
  5. Whateveer you did, you move on. When you go through a door, there is a creepy-looking ghost that looks like the grudge. It holds out its hand. What do you do?
  6. If you took it tightly, it gets scared and goes into the closet. If you gently took it, it moved on into the light. If you slapped it away, it screamed and disappeared. Anyway, you move on. You fall through the floorboards. You enter a room that has a bunch of dead bodies everywhere. What do you do?
  7. You see a small door open. You crawl through it. There is someone familiar standing at the end of the hall. What do you do?
  8. They disappear. Where they were standing is a gravestone. It has your name on it. What do you do?
  9. There is a phone next to you. Do you call anyone?
  10. You pick up the phone anyway because it rings. On the other end, there is a breathing sound. Itt sounds like it's doing everything it can to breathe. What do you do?
  11. The phonne bursts into flames. You run away. Pretty soon, the whole house is on fire. There is a window, you open it and...
  12. You jump out and land on your back. The air is knocked out of your lungs. When you can breathe, you guess you're in the backyard. There's a maze. When you go in, which way do you go?

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