Haunted Dreams: Part Two

Do you ever dream about a love from the past but don't know who or why it is? Haunted Dreams is a 5-part series which tells you which ghost you will fall in love with, what you will do together, and the ending.

Yay! This is the second quiz in the Haunted Dreams series! If you didn't take the first one, go try it! I'm sure you'll like it! If you did take the first one, thanks for taking it! Hope you liked it!

Created by: TaylorM
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  1. You fall into a dream about your ghostly love. When you wake up, you are in the setting of your dream: a garden with pale flowers. Who is your ghostly love from last time?
  2. Your love appears. He says in a monotonous voice, "Never tell our secrets and I want to be like you." What issue do you have so far?
  3. You and your love decide to walk. As you have been walking for about an hour, you become very tired. You both see a gate with two doors. One door has a picture of two people merging together and the other has a picture of a question mark. "Let's go inside this one," your love says pointing to one of the doors. What do you say?
  4. When you open the door you chose, you are surprised not to see a house, but open road. When you try to walk in the middle of the road, you feel some force pushing you back onto one side of the road. As darkness falls, what do you and your love do?
  5. Your love and you are in the grass talking. You feel yourself moving closer to him. Are you willingly moving closer or is it a force.
  6. You had fallen asleep. When you woke up, you were expecting to be at home. You see your love next to you, staring and smiling. You see two strange leaves on the ground beside him. One has a picture of the people merging together and the other has the question mark. You pick one up. Which one do you pick?
  7. Once you pick up the leaf, the picture on it changes. The people leaf has an arrow pointing to the left. The question mark leaf has an arrow pointing to the right. If you didn't pick a leaf, an arrow on the ground is coaxing you to go forward. Which way are you going?
  8. If you went forward or left, you see another gate with the initials, F.O.L.O.D. If you went right, you see another gate with the initials, M.O.T. Which gate did you see?
  9. The letters on the gate change. They now say, "Press the button to go in." A shiny silver and gold button appears. You press the button.
  10. No Effect. How did you like the quiz?

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