Is your house haunted?

Most people don't believe in ghosts; others do. they can haunt houses easily. If you let them, they may stay forever. I don't know why I'm saying this. Just take the quiz and see if your house is haunted or not!

Your house may be haunted and it may not. Take the quiz to find out for sure. Be careful if it is, don't worry if it isn't. If you want it to be, cool. I do too.

Created by: girl2
  1. Do things move by themselves?
  2. Do you see apparitions?
  3. Do you hear noises?
  4. Do you know if anyone has died recently in your house?
  5. Has anyone reported hearing/seeing/feeling things while they were in your house?
  6. (if you have a pet) do they bark at nothing?
  7. Are there times where you don't feel like yourself? (this could be a sign of possession)
  8. Have you looked at something( like a book or something), turned around, turned back around, and it wasn't there?
  9. Have you heard groans and moans when everyone was asleep?
  10. Do you ever have unexplainable dreams/nightmares?
  11. Last question: Do you think your house is haunted?
  12. Just so you know, I think my house is haunted.

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Quiz topic: Is my house haunted?