Is your house haunted

OK almost ever one has an opinion about ghosts and I don't believe in them but some people do so I think it would be great for people! And for these people who don't like my name I'M NOT REALLY MOLLY THE DOLL!

You must be wondering (or not) "I wonder if my house is haunted" I wish someone made a quiz about that and didn't creep me out too much about the answer. Well there you go good old(not too old) Molly the doll made one!

Created by: MollytheDoll

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  1. Has anything ever moved off your table with out your window opening or it being a prank?
  2. Do you hear singing/screaming/crying in the night?
  3. Do you hear voices calling your name and when you do there is no one there?
  4. When you close your eyes...what do you see
  5. if you could choose would you be a ghost
  6. Who does your ghost remind you of?
  7. (This is random but....)Have you ever walk into some bodies house and thought it was your house? LOL
  8. after a play have you ever heard clapping but no one was in the crowd
  9. have you ever seen glowing eyes in a dark place?
  10. Have you been pranked by a friend and they pretended to be a ghost
  11. Are you ready for your answer?

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Quiz topic: Is my house haunted