Are You Worthy Enough To Work At Rocky Point Haunted House?

Well, this is your chance to find out if you are worth enough to rock in the world famous RPHH. So go right now and take my quiz... Right NOW< and I mean NNNOOOWWW. I would have underlined that, but I am way too lazy..

I basically created it for no reason, but as I said earlier they make you type for an hour and it gets REALLY annoying...So you should take the quiz it is a really good quiz.there is not much left to say, here.

Created by: Violet
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay. So, what kind of movies do you usually watch?
  2. So...Does BLOOD and GORE frighten you?
  3. Have you ever even been through the Haunted House?
  4. If you do work there, which you probably don't? when was RPHH established?
  5. So, what is your favorite room in the haunted house?
  6. Do you remeber what color the green room was?
  8. Are you used to working strange, long hours?
  9. SO... bored yet?
  10. Ok...well bye

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Quiz topic: Am I Worthy Enough To Work At Rocky Point Haunted House?