The Haunted House Quiz 2

You open your eyes. This is not your house. This is not your bed. This can't be real. But it is...Strange isn't it? You wake up in a house that you don't remember walking into at all...

Oh no! You're trapped inside of ANOTHER haunted house! With only your mind and body to aid you, you'll need to make the right choices to escape. It's shorter this time, but alot harder!

Created by: Squitto
  1. You open your eyes. This is not your house. Its not even from this century. The floorboards creak, the ceiling leaks, and there are sounds. Strange sounds.
  2. You hear some footsteps outside the room you are in. What do you say?
  3. The door slowly opens, but no one is there. You...
  4. You roll out of bed and walk out of the room. You see a staircase running up or down. Which way do you go?
  5. Up: You are led into the attic. Down: You are led into the kitchen. In the attic, you fall through the floorboards and are killed instantly. Kitchen: There is a note in the corner. You pick it up, but its written in a weirdo language.
  6. You notice that you are not the only one in the kitchen. A woman, about 30 years old, is sitting by the stove.
  7. The woman notices you before you can take action. She approaches you, and seems to ask for help. How do you respond?
  8. The woman tells you that her name is Maria and she died in this very house. She was killed by her evil twin sister, Julia. She warns you to trust no one. She also tells you that the only way to escape is through the moustakion. She gives you a relic that will protect against spirits.
  9. You come to a door that leads outside.
  10. The door leads to a maze. You choose to go
  11. If you go left, you died. If you go right, you are lead to the statue of a man. You climb through the

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