Which godess represesnts you? ( Female)

This quiz says female at the top menaing it is recomended for females this is for my book , however males can take it as male God lights for godesses are rare but completley possible.

You wake up your eyes still heavy. Looking around you find your self in a cave you stand up shakily your body aching , you cannot remember who you are. You shake of the feelings of fear and force your self to walk through the corridor which leads you to a strange room.

Created by: Puppet master12
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  1. Pick a weapon and its reason. ) You walk into the dark cave when a light suddenly flashes into the room but it's enough only for you to see the circular stone table in the middle with four weapons. The sword , The axe , The light and The book.
  2. ( Pick a symbol and the reason) The minute you pick up the weapon from the table the loght vanishes and you feel yourself fall as you fall around you a light shines on four objects. The crystal cow , the steel rhino, The paper bird and the carved mirror.
  3. ( choose the word that speaks to you) You feel yourself land harshly onto a solid surface from seperate corners at sepearte times words speak out to you. Dela tuil the first voices speaks Duola ui Juio the second voice gruffs Enio Cuiola dina the thrid one giggles Dia the forth one whispers
  4. Before we continue with the final decison here are a few questions ) Which of these animals make you uncomfertable.
  5. Which of these times do you prefer.
  6. Just another question you won't get until later. Magic?
  7. Another question you won't understand just yet. Which of these names do you like more?
  8. We are nearing the end. Choose a qoute " The end is only the beginning" " don't waste time one day it will be stolen from you" " Danger is in the things you don't see" " If dark creates light , light is what truly create the dark"
  9. fatal flaw.
  10. Four legs of light spin sound your head until they break of form the circle and hover above four doors in sepearte corners. Choose which door to enter.
  11. You push open your chosen door. As you close it behind you a coloured light envelops you. You wake up soon not Knowing something about you has changed. " welcome my child my god loght" a voice speaks " this is it" you say
  12. To fix an error.

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