Who's Your LOVE Godess

What goddess is your love goddess? What is her history? There are many of them but only one is the one that is watching you when it comes to love!!!!!

Discover which famous female rules your heart! Are you caring like Yemaya? Unbeatable like Etain? Devoted like Parvati? Or flirty like Aphordite? Find out when you take this quiz!

Created by: Mal

  1. OK, 'fess up. Do you have boys on the brain 24/7?
  2. For your crushes b-day, would you bake him cookies or give him a funny card?
  3. When you want something, do you fight for it or try sweet talking?
  4. When you see a cute guy do you flirt with him or do you waut for him to talk to you?
  5. Are you always trying to play match maker with your friends?
  6. If you were in a fairy tale would you rather by a princess or sorceress?
  7. Your crush plays b-ball. Befor the game, would you decorate his locker or just wish him luck?
  8. Oh no you and your boyfriend just broke up how do you react?
  9. Do you have a lot of celeb crushes or is your heart devoted to one star?
  10. Who's your type, a guy who's super sweet or a little rebellious?

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