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  • I love drekkza!
    "He is not holding one of his many many knives to my throat and forcing me to write this [help me] Drekkza is mt favourite non corrupt"
  • Evil things
    "There's a kink for that"
  • I love Drekk
    "Drekk is one of my closest friends and I very much appreciate him. Thank you for being my friend Drekk"
  • "If they do hate me I wish they’d just tell me. I’d leave if that’s what they wanted from me. I just want them all to be happy."
  • "I’m starting to think that all of my friends secretly hate me. I’ve been obsessing over the negative stuff recently, and I get now, that me "
  • "Loop*"
  • "Yes. Also can someone in the loo tell me what exactly has been going down? I’ve fallen into hetalia hell so I’ve b"
  • "Me about to use Alfred f Jones an npc in d&d: 😳😳😳"
  • ""
  • Main Cast: GSMM
    "Locke: * he raises an eyebrow at that, but otherwise doesn’t question it, as he glances at his siren child as she’s positively fuming at thi"
  • "Ander: * he smiles at her genuinley* normally I leave once I get permission. Andre: But, you’re incredibly intriguing heph, and I’m s"
  • Main Cast: GSMM
    "Locke: Ah, I’m not a pirate , just a humble sailor Keye: seriously- Locke: hush. Locke: but yes, it’s a rapier I typicall"
  • "Ander: Heph~ Ander: what a lovely name, Ander: I’d love to get to know the woman who it belongs to~"
  • Main Cast: GSMM
    "Locke: I’m so sorry, my daughter doesn’t understand patience * he shoots a sharp look at keye as he sets her down* Locke: I was looki"
  • "Ander: How sweet, thank you my Queen, but truly, my magic is nothing special...just a result of being...fortunate you see. Ander: * h"

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