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  • Would you be a successful magical girl?
    [published: Jan 10, 2019]

    Hello and welcome to my newest quiz! This quiz measures you on my own version of magical…

  • How well do you know me?
    [published: Aug 12, 2018]

    Ive been gone for a while, but I’m very close to the next rank so I’d like it if you could take this…

  • What is your Disney theme song?
    [published: Apr 4, 2016]

    This is simply part one of my Disney theme song series. This is the heroes of 1 villains part…

  • Could you be apart of team spectre?
    [published: Jan 3, 2016]

    Team spectre , the highest ranking team inside of the league of ghosts. Many believe they…

  • My shout out quiz
    [published: Dec 31, 2015]

    Thank you all for being yourself I wouldn't be who I am without your help I'm really glad that you've made such…

  • The Godlight test.
    [published: Nov 18, 2015]

    This test will tell you if you're a Godlight or not. Answer honestly. Please don't borrow the themes or…

  • Which godess represesnts you? ( Female)
    [published: Nov 7, 2015]

    This quiz says female at the top menaing it is recomended for females this is for my…

  • Hunters of freedom
    [published: Jun 15, 2015]

    You should all know what Y/N means your name and Y/NN means your nickname so the plot is…

  • are you yin or yang ( not the ones you think)
    [published: Jun 13, 2015]

    This is to see which of my Two eldest siblings you are if you want I can do a…

  • Guardian of the elements | the searchbegins
    [published: May 29, 2015]

    Prologue in this series This chapter I am Joined by S_E And Kat queen…

  • Elment gaurdians: what are you?
    [published: May 28, 2015]

    This is the first part for my new story Quiz element Guardians Hope you like it the…

  • Do you know me?
    [published: May 4, 2015]

    See if you knwo anything a i me XXx oooo xxxx all yeha xhoosnyounsniou you enjoy my friend smiley face for…

  • Love of a shadow part 5
    [published: May 2, 2015]

    Part five of love of a shaodw anpther short one but sorry :( I hope you enjoy 🐬🐳ð…

  • Which akatsuki is your boy friend
    [published: May 2, 2015]

    Out of my the akatsuki members part four only has Itachi,sasori,deidara. And kisame…

  • Love if a shadow part four
    [published: Apr 30, 2015]

    This is a short part because its so late but I hve to post beciade the plot bunny in my brain keeps…

  • The love of a shadow part three
    [published: Apr 25, 2015]

    Part three of love for a shadow In this chapter After an incident John takes y/m to the…

  • The love for a shaodw part 2
    [published: Apr 24, 2015]

    Part two of love of a shadow Hope you enjoyed this it is shorter than the other one and i…

  • Love of a shadow part one
    [published: Apr 24, 2015]

    This is for girls only sorry boys Plot: Y/n is a 15 year old girl at mytholgy high When the…

  • Which of the fallen council lords are you
    [published: Apr 16, 2015]

    Which member of council of the fallen are you take this quiz find out Note : puppet…

  • Who are you?!part1
    [published: Apr 15, 2015]

    Take this quiz to find out if your one of my oc's this is only part one and it's aimed at girls also the song…

  • The Puppet Friend award
    [published: Apr 6, 2015]


  • Do you have ADHD
    [published: Mar 20, 2015]

    This is based on my experience with ADHD but the overall may depend on your personality if you get no but find…

  • Which of my TMNT character are you
    [published: Mar 17, 2015]

    Find out which of my characters you are Note the characters are girls there will be another…

  • Your true name
    [published: Mar 13, 2015]

    Find out your true name a name holds a lot of power Let's find out what your is from truthful to family girl…

  • Do you have the ability
    [published: Mar 8, 2015]

    Take this test to see if you have the gift Shout out to girl almighty , cup quake , dogs buddy ,…

  • Magic ability part 3
    [published: Feb 28, 2015]

    The final part of my magic ability test a special thank you to ca Cupid the person who inspired me to finish…

  • Magic ability part 2
    [published: Feb 23, 2015]

    This is dedacated to ca Cupid thank you so much this is part 2 part three will be out tommorow and do you…

  • What magic ability is yours
    [published: Feb 22, 2015]

    I created this quiz when my friend and I discovered something we want to find others like us there…

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  • New thread, new me.
    "Enjoy Vacation, love you. Sorry I haven’t been around a lot."
  • "Would you be able to edit out the D&D specific ones and send them to Kat for me please?"
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "Sure Kat"
  • "I can’t find a good list sorry. It’s like it can be something powerful, or maybe no magic comes out, or it’s a different spell or some"
  • Weird question but
    "I can kind of understand feeling betrayed if the third party is known / trusted by the victim, but the majority of examples I’ve seen are st"
  • Weird question but
    "When people discover their partner is cheating on them, why do they usually respond with violence, or aggression to the third party? I"
  • ""
  • "Something I forgot to mention is that because of the orb, using spells has a slight risk to him? It’s a lot like wild magic in d&d"
  • "Name: Mika Barrow Gender: male Age: undying Species: He’s a Druid and seems to be one of the Fae. Reason for goin"
  • "May I join?"
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "they’ll probably say that but there’s...a significant reason for their divorce ahahhahah I haven’t decided if this is p"
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "C5 couldn’t be a robot due to plot reasons, but building a non sentient robot is fine, only for C2, as it’s listed under her skill set."
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "It is a possibility, if Katqueen is okay with it, but the separation of c2’s parents is a major plot point later, that both c2’s player ( ka"
  • Mystery Incorporated.
    "Name: Lucy Hope Miller Age: 16 Role: c3 Gender: female Skills: big flirt, good at sweet talking people, her paren"
  • Mystery Incorporated.

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