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  • New thread, new me.
    "Do you feel it now mr krabs"
  • What the heck is up
    "I love your art so much"
  • "I’m tempted to build my land in Minecraft"
  • "Oh for sure yeah. I’ve memed about Mothman and Jd having attended the school for centuries, since they keep getting deaged. May"
  • "Youta nods gently as they walk. Ejirou looks devastated. “ Kira made me that bear a week before she died!” He says. Youta pats "
  • "Love you too. Nothing much , just trolling my friend, what about you?"
  • "I have teal stains on my hands and the first thing my friend said was. “ what did you murder Terezi.” I, crying"
  • "Thank you Paige. I love you"
  • "Thank you. I’m terrified of these cryptids TBH"
  • "“ oh no! They’ve just enchanted the water by mistake. It degrades anyone who touches it. Both MM and them have been exposed to it.” She expl"
  • "Sin was silent as they watched the other members of he party. Sin moved closer to Gineye like they had been doing since the adventure had st..."
  • "So Chiro sees his soulmate as Youta, while APophis sees Asher ad his? So the idea is that as apophis, youta visits asher and as"
  • "“ The necklace you stole has cultural significance, and was a family heirloom. I will be getting in contact with your employers, and they wi"
  • "Apple of seasons: The user would be negatively affected by destruction on nature, not brought on by themselves. The weakn"
  • "I’d have to be very careful though because I know people won’t join if I’m specific but I don’t want anyone breaking theme."

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