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  • Monster Hunters
  • Team S P O T
    "I’m sorry that I’ve been so distant lately, we’re just getting ready to wrap up for summer."
  • "Arwyn"
  • "Sin blinked. They kicked themselves for not realising that Arwen has went on this quest before. “...uhm...I don’t want to be rude...bu"
  • Experienced soap request
    "Apophis let out a sigh as he observed from the rooftop. He’d been called in due to the destruction. He’d be able to get close to Grotto with"
  • "This has made my f---ing day thanks"
  • "I don’t know if it would be possible? But can mothman and jd not room together? Because I think this might put me at the point where I"
  • "(I didn’t see the question. My favourite avenger is ridiculously so I’d have to pass, it’s not really my thing )"
  • "“ well actually, JD and I aren’t really men.” Mothman chuckled gently, however they didn’t correct any of the other information not wanting "
  • "Wait f---"
  • "Sin nods. “ ...I could if I was able to continuously replace the energy. I don’t need sleep with that...power equipped.” They said. “ I won’"
  • MH Clutter
    "I meant Magie. The jersey devil hasn’t done anything yet"
  • "Please don’t skip me, I’ll be responding when I get home from school"
  • "Sin comes back looking very queasy. “ ...I might be able to cover us with an apathy shield using...a certain someone’s powers, which might s"
  • Monster Hunters
    "JD yawned as they woke up. They’d had a strange dream about being in a warm and interesting place. There had been so many cool looking peopl"

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