Would you be a successful magical girl?

Hello and welcome to my newest quiz! This quiz measures you on my own version of magical girls from my second magical girl series.Below will be a personal thank you :)

I’d just like to thank you for taking time even just to read the description, it means a lot to me, thank you so, so much. I really enjoy it when people take my quizzes.

Created by: Puppet master12

  1. Alright! So the rules for this are simple. A magical girl cannot allow her soul gem to become corrupted, and must either conserve her magic or collect a ‘hope seed’ from defeating a monster. Negative emotions actually speed up the corruption process. Understand?
  2. Now let’s begin for real this time. You’re walking through town when you notice two other magical girls fighting.However, your soul gem is at 75% corruption. They are very likely to injure an innocent bystander.What do you do?
  3. Moving on, the monsters around your home are in a large amount, and the contractors have asked your opinion in regards to getting more magical girls in the city. However you know that the more magical girls in the area, the less gems you have.Do you decide you need the help, or do you keep the territory to yourself?
  4. You’re offered an upgrade by the contractor.A weapon, that has a 45% chance to instantly defeat a monster or an upgrade to your soul gem extending the amount of corruption it can take before becoming dangerous.
  5. Your best friend seems to be annoyed with you, but she hasn’t said why. Do you let it all blow over on its own, or carefully find out why she’s upset?
  6. You’re stressed about upcoming exams, what do you do?Relax by having a nice dinner, and fixing your sleep schedule, maybe even having a nice bath and some tea, with flowers and herbs proven to relax the mind. Listen to some music, chat with some friends.
  7. You’re down to one ‘hope seed’ but you are at 80% corruption while your ally is at 95%.Do you give up your ‘hope seed’ for your friend?
  8. This is honestly just filler I’m really sorry.
  9. This is honestly just filler I’m really sorry.
  10. This is honestly just filler I’m really sorry.

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