My shout out quiz

Thank you all for being yourself I wouldn't be who I am without your help I'm really glad that you've made such an impact on who I am and who I will continue to be.

Carlilse hopes you all continue to be who you are. I really hope that you continue to grow to be better than the awesome individuals that you are. Even if we aren't friends.

Created by: Puppet master12

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  1. First shout out goes to Josh/ I am Josh You are a great friend and you make me smile with your jokes.
  2. This shout out goes to Cody/Rex You make me laugh and you have helped me with so many of my problems.
  3. This third shout out goes to Paige for being the best girlfriend for me. You accepted my descison on being Carlilse.
  4. This fourth shout out goes to my sibling Andi. Thank you so much for always being there and assuring me that I'm not a burden.
  5. This Fith shout out goes to my brother Jesse. I love you so much just like Andi you are always there for me. I can laugh with you about anything and you don't get mad.
  6. This sixth shout out goes to Drew. You've been a great help especially in recent times. You are a great person to laugh with and you always make me smile. Stop doubting your art it's amazing.
  7. This seventh shoutout goes to Ghetto. I know you don't want anything to do with me anymore and yes I respect that but I still value your opinion. You are still a great person and I do regret whatever I did to end our friendship.
  8. This eight shoutout goes to Redrose2. You are an amazing girl and your soaping skills when it comes to soaping with me are awesome.
  9. This ninth shoutout goes to Jinx blackclaw. You are one of my best friends and you make me so happy. You were the first person I properly soaped with.
  10. This tenth shoutout goes to I love planes. You are a great friend and your soaping skills are superb. You've helped me improve from a super newb to a qaurter super newb.
  11. This eleventh shout out goes to Kaden. Thank you for being you, you really brightened up Paige's life. You've helped me expand my music taste.
  12. This twelfth shoutout goes to Kat queen. you are awesome and I love how you play your characters.
  13. This thirteenth shoutout goes to S_E Ironicly the Steven universe theme song cover started playing on my Spotify as I type this. You're amazing twinny but I'm the alpha twin. Keep up your truth and dare.
  14. This fourteenth shoutout goes to Marceline. You are an amazing friend I love to soap with you.
  15. This fifteenth shoutout ones to Kalafina-Senpai. I love your art and you're an amazing person never stop being who you are.
  16. This sixteenth shoutout goes to Granny Sylvia. We haven't talked in a while ( because I'm scared of your friends O_O XD ) but you are an amazing person you've taught me so much in so little time.
  17. This seventeenth shoutout goes to Maddie. Maddie you are an amazing girl even when everyone says that you aren't you get back up. Sure you have your moments and tahts what makes you special but so does everyone you try to get over them. Again Ironicly nobody's perfect started playing on my Spotify XD
  18. This eighteenth shoutout goes to Adam. Adam you and I never got along in the start but now we are close friends . If you love someone don't let go off them.
  19. This nineteenth shoutout goes to Pheonix. You're one of my best friends. I love to soap with you.
  20. This 20th shoutout goes to Lucy. We don't talk much but I love to soap with you because of how good you are.
  21. This 21st shoutout goes to roboticlus prime. I can't spell your name XD. You're an awesome soaper so I love to soap with you.
  22. This 22nd shoutout goes to the real mini me. When we do talk you are absoultley hilarious. I love watching your videos because your reactions are hillarious.
  23. This 23rd shout goes to Heph. We aren't friends but on the rare occasions when we talk I really enjoy it. Thank you so much for allowing em to join your Ascension ( I can't spell ) roleplay guild thing.
  24. This 24th shout out goes to SG. I find you hillarious and when we do talk I find our conversations intresting.
  25. This 25th shout out goes to Dark ( insert numbers) because of the advice you gave me about my " anorexia " . I think you're equally creative , wise and funny. Thank you for being such a good mod.
  26. This 26th shoutout goes to Br0wnie bunny. I think you're a very wise person and when we've had short conversations I found them very helpful / Intresting / funny . I love your art.
  27. This 27th shoutout goes to Myenternal rage. We've never talked except for a few occasions but I find most of your posts Intresting and I'm thankful that my friends really like you because you make them happy and you mess head Andi about talking to me which helped thank you.
  28. This 28th shoutout goes to Care bear / Raine . You are one of the best online siblings I've ever known thank you for being you.
  29. This 29th shout out goes to Hiccstird/ Pixie. You're not going to read this because you've been gone for so long but thank you for brightening up my days.
  30. This 30th shoutout goes to Captain Xantos thank you for being there for me cap you're an awesome person .
  31. Thanks for taking this I've probaky missed someone important and I'll remember them the minute I post this XD

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