my second shout-out to people

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this is a shout out to people ive met and talked to so yea plz rate and comment and yea so i talk about many things music white tigers emezie's music.

plz comment plz rate plz let me know if u want to be in the next shout out um plz let me know any requests for polls and quizes so yea that kind of stuff

Created by: white tiger364
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  1. first shout out goes to my bf brian luv ya brian
  2. next goes to jinxs for being 1 of my first gtq friends
  3. Jeeshan
  4. next goes to cookiechan for being cool
  5. next goes to huntergirl
  6. kawiigirl
  7. connor 4 for rating and commenting
  8. next is absol heart for chatting with me
  9. rate?
  10. comment

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