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Ok, so this quiz is to celebrate my friendships with people, I also missed some people like FullMetalOtaku and others, If you want a shout out just comment... lol

also I think Eden Clemmer and Kiki Johnson need to be removed but I'm too lazy, anyway they are extremely rude and made fun of my appearance in several ways.

Created by: PUTZthecat100

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  1. TheMangle is my super awesome friend!
  2. katqueen45 is also awesome and she is my friend because of the Lounge :)
  3. batman12506 is also my friend due to the Lounge :3
  4. Hiccstrid is my friend from the Lounge as well and she is awesome and loves How to train your Dragon
  5. Fluffy is also an awesome person from the lounge... they like my cat... :)
  6. Shout out to everyone who has ever taken one of my quizzes
  7. Shout out to everyone who was my buddy on animaljam before I quit
  8. Shout out to Jenisis Borg, Caitlin Martin, Trista Burnsworth, Hailey Gilstrap, Eden Clemmer, Faith Goforth, Katie Maupin, Kiki Johnson, Dustin Church, Alex Finch, Levi Collor, Nick, Ashton Lopes and Hailey Fischer
  9. What's your favorite color (Lol I only asked this to annoy people)
  10. Ok please rate, comment and look at my profile!
  11. Ok Bye! :D

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