My shout out quiz

Alrighty, I finally made the shout out quiz! I'm definitely not like 3 weeks late. This was very timely. Thank you all for your patience guys, sorry for not getting it up sooner.

I tried to make sure to give everyone a unique thing so remember that y'all probably have plenty of crossover with other people's answers. If you weren't included it's only cause you didn't post in the thread, not cause i forgot or anything : )

Created by: Faceless Knight
  1. Graced, i haven't really spoken with you much but you seem very polite.
  2. Mei, somehow you always manage to be cheerful and kind no matter what's happening.
  3. Tat, you're a very intelligent person.
  4. Jill, your weapon collection is better than mine. You're probably the only person on this site to achieve that.
  5. Baph, I really liked all of the music that you've shown me.
  6. Cham, your art is amazing.
  7. Esmie, your aesthetic is really nice <3
  8. Egg, you can be cooked so many different ways and are an important part in a ton of different recipes. You're very important to the culinary world.
  9. Normie, you have a great sense of humor.
  10. Jinx, you're a really kind person.
  11. Bread, you made me admin so i'll love you forever. Now transfer ownership.
  12. Marrow you're so much fun to talk to.
  13. Axel, you're really good at looking at things objectively.
  14. Heph, I love the characters you make.
  15. B, you're never afraid to speak up for what you think is right and I think that's really admirable.
  16. Geek, i'm sorry. I got nothing.
  17. Zilla, you're an extremely powerful entity. Truly impressive.
  18. BlackTealLaser, I have literally no idea who you are : (
  19. Spice, you have so much energy. It's insane.
  20. Effie, I always love reading the things you write.

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