Shout Out Quiz! AYE! AYE! AYE! AYE!

Me/K: Ik, ANOTHER Shout Out Quiz, trust me, I have a reason for this which is explained in the quiz, I even made a taco rap and friendship poem, XD. ENJOY!!!

Me/K: I made half of this quiz this morning and the other half at night so sorry if it's a bit crazy, the only thing I was on was Coke, I promise, XD!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: AYE! AYE! AYE! AYE! Dis Shout Out Quiz Meh Bruddah! I AM TACO, COCA COLA, AND POCKY QUEEN! *Sings* I've got the power~
  2. Me/K: First is Horror Lives 2!!! Hannah, your awesome and everything I said in that quiz I made for you was true! You are so amazing and kind! I love talking to you and your quizzes are da bomb! Never forget about how awesome you are and everyone will agree! Also, Absinthe has a gift for you. Absinthe: *Gives you Sword* Hope you enjoy it :>
  3. Me/K: Next is the Taco Wizard, Derecho! Your the nom, haha, get it? I changed bomb-ya know what, I'll shut up and continue, XD. Anyway, your so kind and amazing! Your coolio and are a great Taco Bruddah and your cats are amazing. *Holds up, Whisper, my cat* And Whisper said "hi."
  4. Me/K: And as we go along, next is Pizza King Trem. You are amazing, helpful, and kind! You are the pizza king, and I want to thank you so much for helping me and encouraging me to keep going. Your amazing, don't forget it!
  5. Me/K: Next is the Queen of Peaches, Accalia 123, Cal, your awesome, your very kind, I love hanging out with you. Thanks for helping me record and for being so kind to me! I hope you and Chilly are doing well! Also, continue eating Peaches.
  6. Me/K: And next is LucaCouffaine15, Luca, you are amazing and so kind, thank you for helping me when I need it, I hope things get better for you and the rest of your family are doing well. Also, I want you to know that your grandmother loved you ever so and you made her life worth it! She loves you and so do all of us!
  7. Me/K: And next is KrazyGirl765, a fellow Sonic Fan, your amazing, I love talking to you, your very silly and fun to be around and we got a lot in common! Your amazing!
  8. Me/K: As we go along on this weird adventure, next is Cinnamon_Roll, your amazing, Cinna! Your so kind and fun to be around and got a lot in common! Your amazing, don't forget it.
  9. Me/K: Ok, let's keep going, just gotta keep going, gotta go fast. Anyway, next is Spice. You are so nice and amazing, you've encouraged me to keep going too and you are so kind and helpful. Your awesome, never forget it!
  10. Me/K: Ok, rn, it's morning, sorry if the first part of the quiz was crazy. I promise the only thing I was on was Pocky and Coke, XD
  11. Me/K: Ok, for the rest of this, I am gonna let you guys see a special filming remake of movies. First off, we're gonna do High School Musical with Troy.
  12. Me/K: Ok, we're gonna have Troy sing Bet On It, now, Tails, where's my Troy? Tails: Almost ready. Sonic: Ok, we put him in the field with the cameras. Me/K: Ok, sing, Troy! Bakugou: MY NAME AIN'T TROY! Me/K: It is now, I thought you've been in a movie now sing! Bakugou: What?! No way am I singing! Why don't you get the Blue Rat to sing?! He's been in a band! Sonic: Well, yeah, but- Me/K: JUST SING! Bakugou: NEVER! Me/K: FINE! You wanna be Sharpay?! YEAH! IK YOU DON'T! Your both blondes, all you need is longer hair and wear a dress! Yeah, Ik you don't wanna be her, now SING! *Starts Music* Bakugou: *Walks away* Me/K: You can't just lea- Bakugou: *Goes out door* Me/K:...*Turns to Deku* How about you be Troy?
  13. Me/K: Ok, how about we do Cats and Dogs movie- Digging Doggy: *Comes with sagged pants* Hey, man, what up, I been in da crib with TK27 goin' skirt in Mario Kart, now what up in dis crib? Bakugou: *Is now back and sitting on couch* The heck are you?! Me/K: *Claps in happiness* It's another random person to hire from the street! Bakugou: What the- Me/K: But who are you? Digging Doggy: Well, I'm a rapper, my nickname is Digging Doggy. Me/K: Your real name is? Digging Doggy: Dig *Silence* Me/K: Really- Digging Doggy: Yes. Also *Holds up Necklace and Jewels* I got my Bling, Bling on.
  14. Me/K: Well, do you like dogs? Digging Doggy: Yeah, I got one in my studio. It's a very cool studio. Me/K: Oh, well, can I use your dog for a movie, and also see your studio. Digging Doggy: Sure man. Me/K: Chat Noir, while we go, can you get a random cat from the street? Chat Noir: Uh, ok. (In a Closet) Me/K: This is your studio? There's nothing in here but some small computer, your dog, a rug, some bag of chips, and a whole DVD season of MLP- Digging Doggy: HEY! That show a banger with it's friendship lessons! The songs are lowkey bops!
  15. Me/K: Ok, we got his dog, his name is Denis. Chat, do you got the cat? Chat Noir: Yeah *Holds Cat, then puts her down* Espio: Hi, everyone, I just went to the store and bought some taco stuff. Me/K: YESH! I CAN MAKE MORE TACOS! Espio: *Takes stuff out of food bag* Cat: *Takes the bag and starts playing with it* Chat Noir: Welp, guess the cat is entertained easily. Me/K: Yup, now, let's start the movie. Silver: WAIT-will the cat and dog get along? Me/K: No, which is the reason why it's good, this movie is about working together which the animals will eventually do. Cat: *Playing with Bag, then sees Denis and hisses* Denis: *Runs toward the cat, about to attack* Silver: *Holds the Dog Back* IT'S OK, DENIS! DE-DENIS! STOP STUGGLING! DENIS- Denis: *Trying to get to cat and is thinking 'BOI! I'LL TAKE YOU AND YOUR BAG, KITTY! FINNA GET GHETTO ON YOU!'*
  16. Me/K: *Helping Silver take back the dog* DIGGY DOG- Digging Doggy: It's DIGGING DOGGY- Me/K: WHATEVER! GET YOUR DOG! Digging Doggy: *Takes dog* There, ya happy? Anyway, I gotta go finish my song. Me/K: WAIT-can we hear your rapping for the song so far? Digging Doggy: Fine! *Starts Rapping* I see the bees, they went ees, when they sees, it's like blees, you can't be as cool as me, you don't even know my real identity, when I see a dog, it's like a log, then I see a pog, I eat sog, now I am saying I'm the best rapper, and I am a great tapper! Everyone:..... Me/K:...That was the WORST rap I've ever heard in my whole life. Bakugou: Wow...that was stupid as heck. Digging Doggy: Whatever, it'll be the next best thing!
  17. Me/K: This song is for my favorite food (That I'm NOT addicted too so don't say that-) If you don't like tacos, let me change your point of view, when I tell you how cool it is, you won't say "eww." Tacos are the food of the kings, and you are able to eat with many different things. You get the beans, yeet 'em on, want some greens, add it on, Tails wants the extra cheese, yeet it on, want some lettuce, add it on, you can put anything on, there are many pros then their are of the cons. Your even able to go outside and eat it on the front lawn. You can have it on the side with Mexican-Style Corn in a Cob, but when you buy the ingredients from the store, make sure you don't get robbed. The insides isn't just all of choice, the shell is too, it can be hard or soft, whatever is the best way for you to have it, for you to chew. Tacos are fun and easy to make, trust me, making it is a piece of cake. You can even eat with salad, yes, that is valid. Just love your taco, take it anywhere, even to Morocco. I hope y'all understand the plan, because later we're gonna go and eat them in Japan. And if you ever need a taco, come to me, I can show you how great tacos can be. *Puts thumb up* This…
  18. Digging Doggy: Whatever, I'm out, peace! Me/K: Well, BOI then!
  19. Me/K: Ok, so, since we got all that weirdness out of the way, I got some good news and some bad news. Good news is...Cal is 15! YAY! Now I seem so young...but I'm gonna be 15 in a few months so we'll both be older, but Cal, your 15, how does it feel?
  20. Me/K: The bad news is that, after today, I am giving my school laptop back which means I may not be on here as often, probably like once or twice a week, Ik, I keep making updates saying I won't be here, I will be here, and now I'm saying not as often bc once I give this back, I'm going to only have access on my Ipad so, sorry, I'm going to be here probably on Mondays or Tuesdays, maybe on the weekends, not really sure, but I'm not leaving completely, at least I hope.
  21. Me/K: So, Imma try to see if I can get a couple of quizzes out before I get off today, so idk, we need to see what happens, also, I may be on Quotev a bit less, hopefully not like I was way before, I think I was off for 3 months, but anyway, I'm going to take some time off and Ik I've already made a Shout Out quiz this month, but I wanted to make another cause if this is near my last quiz, I want it to be a shout out quiz to thank everyone for being nice to me, ya know, y'all are awesome, and hopefully, this isn't the end, also, I may spend some of my summer time studying bc my grades are not the best, I think I barely passed the level of getting to the next grade. Also, I'm going to Lego Land next weekend for two days so Imma do that and I don't really have much else planned, but Imma try to get on here a bit more. A lot has come up, that's why I'm hesitating on how to update a bit.
  22. Me/K: But I wrote a poem for all my friends. Yeah, it's for you *Points towards you guys* It's you, I can see you in the background, yeah, get up from under the table, your fine, I won't kill you, I promise.
  23. Me/K: Here is my poem: You and I are smile, it's worth while, you cry, I'll help you, yes, I'll try, if your in pain, I'll put my life in vain, if you fall off a roof, I'll miss ya, bud, XD - Kaylah (WITH A FRICKIN' "H," DON'T FORGET THE "H," PLEASE, XD)
  24. Me/K: Anyways, other than that trash, Idk how long I'll have this computer, my teacher says I can give it tomorrow or Tuesday or Wednesday, so we'll see what happens, but I love you guys, Imma try to put out more quizzes today, have a good day, stay safe, and BOI!!!

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