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  • Venting Thread
    "Anyway, on an unrelated note-- I woke up feeling horrible and sick today. Today and Thursday, I was supposed to come to school for testing d..."
  • Venting Thread
    "People be weird and the fact that that was your only post here is crazy but ew, I did not need to know that"
  • Venting Thread
    "Bruh, today, I felt like I was basically third wheeling with someone I made plans with specifically, not my sister. No hate to her but this ..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Just had to get that out somehow, but idk what to think now"
  • Venting Thread
    "Ngl I am so mad rn and have been frustrated these past days. Though I try to hold in my emotions, I truly feel like kicking a wall rn. Like,..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Ended up having an "episode" at school today bc I was in panic when my blood sugar started dropping REALLY low. I tried to pus"
  • Venting Thread
    "Don't worry, I will I promise and thank you for checking up on me again btw, you're very kind and it means a lot to me"
  • Venting Thread
    "True and yeah, it could be cuz of stress since ngl, I do be feeling pretty burnt out but I'm resting now so hopefully, I'll be good by tomor..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Didn't end up going to school today cuz I haven't been feeling well. It's not like I'm particularly sick I don't think but then again, idrk ..."
  • Venting Thread
    "There were therapy dogs visiting my school today and they were cute but also made me sad cuz one in particular looked exactly like my dog wh..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Got through the storm but still have school tomorrow ugghhh, I really don't wanna go tbh"
  • Venting Thread
    "Yeah, but I'm afraid of everything ngl so I'm even afraid of that lol, luckily things haven't gotten too bad so far, it's only raining for r..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Freaking out over the hurricane ngl but I'm hoping that it won't be as bad as I imagine it will be since I often overreact and overthink.."
  • Venting Thread
    "Also, I got school like, on Tuesday or so and even found a spot in an art class there so hopefully, that'll be fun though I'd like for the d..."
  • Venting Thread
    "Still trying to get my mind off the storm thing but on a better note, I've been getting more motivation to work on this story I've neglected..."

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