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  • Dare me
    "I dare you to make a quiz about Sanic the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog Meme) It's some stupid meme on the internet, XD"
  • Would U Date Me?
    "Yeah, my friends on GTQ helped me level up so yeah I feel ALIVE, LOL XD"
  • Would U Date Me?
    "Yeah, it's a good idea that everyone said "NO" because I wouldn't even date myself. Also, thx for the quotations, Cats."
  • Ukulele Den
    "Bored stands for: Be Oreo Read Every Day I just thought of that, XD"
  • Dare me...
    "I dare you to make a quiz about a leaf named Leafy"
  • "I'm not sure what that is either...but Imma do it anyway, XD"
  • Would U Date Me?
    "Yeah, I would just be friends with you anyway, Cal, no offense Also, NO, I would NOT date myself"
  • Would U Date Me?
    "I expect "NO" so you can tell me "NO", I COMPLETELY understand"
  • "I'll make the thread, but I will be expecting "NO""
  • "Ok then, I'll make the quiz"
  • "I was dared to make a dare thread for a's weird when I explain it...."
  • Yes or no...
  • Yes or no...
  • Test Thread
  • Yes or no...

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