My Actual Name (And Shout Outs)

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Me/K: This is a quiz for you to know my name! It's also a shout out quiz for you all! I hope you enjoy it and you can use my name if you want!!!!!!!!!

Me/K: I'm just trying to fill the space so just take the quiz while I do this for NO reason, IDK! PEPPA!!! SUZY!!! WIGGLES!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf
  1. Me/K: Hello meh Bruddahs and welcome. Eh, I ain't that formal, anyways, today, you will find out my actual name which you can call me by.
  2. Me/K: First off, before I tell ya'll. I want to shout out to meh bruddahs!
  3. Me/K: Shout outs to Horror Lives 2, thx for taking my quizzes and being a nice friend from the beginning of my GTQ journey (Even if I'm not going anywhere, I'm on a computer XD) Also, tell Anasha I said "HI!" Absinthe: Yeah, tell her I said "Hi" too *Makes everything float* Better...
  4. Me/K: Another shout out is to my friend, Accalia! Thx for being a great friend. I like how you make great decisions and your doing a great job of keeping me out of jail, XD. Thx for editing and recording my videos! I'm happy that I got you to join GTQ! Your AWESOME!!!
  5. Me/K: My next one is for....DERECHO! Your awesome, bro! Your so nice and fun to be around. That tornado was fun too! If you ever need a taco, call me. Also, your kittens are angels! And yes, I did your dare....didn't like it, XD
  6. Me/K: And, this person, you CAN'T furr-get! Tremendus! You are da BEST! You are so kind to me and I'm happy that you like my quizzes! Also, thx for liking my Cat puns! I'm glad you find my puns a-mew-sing! XD
  7. Me/K: Another one goes to My_Wolves! Your a great wolf and friend! Your VERY brave and kind! Also, tell your friends I said "HI!" Alet: END SAM, END SAM, END SA-! Me/K: OK, ENOUGH OF THAT!!!!
  8. Me/K: I want to give one to Cinnamon_Roll, you are funny and kind! Your the best! I enjoy talking to you! :D
  9. Me/K: Shout out to KrazyGirl 765! Your an AWESOME friend and your my SONIC FAN GIRL! We have a lot of things in common and I enjoy having you on GTQ and I love talking to you!
  10. Me/K: Also, I want you all to know that I'm going to make 2 quizzes with my friend, Accalia, one of them will have Silver the Hedgehog in it!
  11. Me/K: Now, my name, first, I want you to guess and tell me what you guessed in the comments!
  12. Me/K: And my name is....
  13. Me/K: It's....
  14. Me/K: And its...
  15. Me/K: Its....KAYLAH! That's my name! People call me Kaylah, or Keeley, or K. So, you can call me any of those. (I know Cal is happy now that she can call me by my REAL name, XD)
  16. Me/K: Me/K: Shout out to Accalia's Chinchilla, Chilly, Derecho cat's, my dog, Roxxi, my hamsters Snowball and Scar, my grandparent's cat, Max (Even though he likes to KILL me), and my cousin's guinea pig and soon my guinea pig, Bonnie! And one for Hope For Paws! WE LOVE ANIMALS!
  17. Me/K: That's all for today! BOI!!!

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