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Me/K: This is just a quiz where me and my sister talk. You can even get to know her better. So, I hope you enjoy and you will learn more about us!!!!!

Me/K: I am VERY bored and my internet is working like trash right now so IDK. Hopefully it ain't trash this entire time, LOL, XD. Me and my sis made the quiz anyway, so enjoy!

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Ok, hello, quiztaking beings. I'm K, as you know, and today, I have a SPECIAL quiz and I'm not doing it alone, I have my....SISTER! Leah: Hello, I'm happy to be here. All of you can call me by my nickname, Leah, if you want and hi.
  2. Me/K: Ok, so, today, we will just have a chat and you can learn somethings 'bout me and my big sis. So, Leah, first off, give us an introduction of you.
  3. Leah: Ok, so, people call me Leah, I am 16, my favorite color is red. My personality is kind, funny, and loving. Me and my sister are mainly alike, only, she loves humor more than me and she is a Sonic Fan. But I do like anime.
  4. Me/K: Ok, Leah, ask me a question, then I'll ask you one. Leah: Ok, hmm...tell them how you got your nicknames. Me/K: Um, ok then, welp, I got my nickname K from Cal.
  5. Me/K: My other one was a bit more interesting. I got my nickname, Keeley when I was younger. I went with my mom to the Dentist and my Dentist guy asked for my name, I told him Kaylah and he would call me OVER and OVER Keeley. I didn't tell him that my name was actually Kaylah because he had an accent so I thought that was all it was. Leah: It was like Tom's situation from the Sonic Movie. Me/K: Yeah, sort of.
  6. Me/K: I think like 2 Dentist visits later. Me and my mom were in the waiting room and the only name they called was Keeley and me and my mom were the only ones there. IDK, I'm super quiet so I said nothing, I didn't even bring up the fact that my Dentist calls me Keeley. So, my mom asked when I was going to go int and we found out that everyone in the Dentist office thought I was Keeley so everyone calls me that as a joke. I don't mind it though.
  7. Me/K: Now, Leah, what was the weirdest thing that has happened to you? Leah: I think I may have told you, but I think you were a baby, IDK really but we were in this old house. We moved there and it was scary! Me and my brother would hear noises out of nowhere. When we told our mom, she was like "Oh, that's nothing" or "Are you guys playing with me?" Me and my brother were so scared that we would sleep in the same room with a flashlight. The good news is that we moved so, K, you didn't really need to go through that. Me/K: I feel lucky now. Leah: *Laughs* Yeah, you should!
  8. Leah: Ok, here is another question. I know your not really a feeling person, but have you ever cried watching a movie or something like that. Me/K: Do I need to answer? Leah: Yes, XD!
  9. Me/K: Ok, I will admit. I did cry when I watched the anime movie, A Silent Voice, IDK, it just got me. I also cried when I watched the Sonic 06 cutscene when Blaze sacrificed herself. It was just because I felt bad cause Silver felt alone and didn't want her to go. I have cried to the Sonic Movie, I wanted to hug Sonic and I hate hugging. I cried to MHA before, the Sonic-X ending when Tails cried and Sonic Boom. Leah: WHAT?! How did you cry to Sonic Boom, I thought it was humor, I haven't watched it but that's what you said. Me/K: I know, I laughed, I just cried because in the episode Sidekick, it was TRUE brotherhood and I love Sonic and Tails so much. IDK, I'm strange. I can't stand Sonic characters sad, I can't.
  10. Me/K: Ok, I got a question for you. What is something you have NEVER told me? Leah: I never told you that some boys at your school had crushes on you... Me/K: THE HECK?! WHAT?! Leah: I'm sorry, your friends were friends with me too and whenever you leave, they would ask me if you had a boyfriend or if you were interested in anyone. Me/K: BRO!!! This is gettin' weird, NO!!! OMG, I don't what to think!
  11. Leah: Ok, have you ever confessed your love to someone? Me/K: BRO! SHUT UP, XD! Leah: You have to answer, you just HAVE to! Me/K: Fine, yeah, before I moved, I was in love with my best friend, he liked me too, we confessed on the last day, then I moved. I haven't seen him since. But I mean, we probably were going to just stay friends anyway, so IDK... HAVE YOU CONFESSED, LEAH?! I DON'T SEE YOU SAYING ANYTHING! TRYING TO KEEP IT A SECRET I SEE, XD! Leah: No, I liked a kid, they liked me too, but I regretted it. BUT THIS IS ABOUT YOU, NOT ME, XD! Me/K: OMG...
  12. Me/K: Have you ever been lost somewhere before? Leah: Yeah, I'm that person who would,if I go shopping, I would leave because I'm too caught up in finding something so I have been stuck alone in the mall lost and there was this other time where I was on a trip at school with my friends. We were at Knotts Berry Farm and the bus was about to leave us so we RAN as FAST AS SONIC over to that bus, like, it was moving FAST! Me/K: *Laughs* IDK why I'm laughing, I guess I'm just imagining it, XD
  13. Leah: Hmm...what made you want to help the animals? Me/K: Um, IDK really, I just had a thing for animals, but there was this story. Ok, so, Leah, I think you remember this. It was before we moved, our dad used to walk us to school and there was this dog, it was a chihuahua. He was a stray and I would try to get him to take him home, but it was very hard cause he wouldn't come to me ever. So, I would leave food and water for him to survive and over time, I named him Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite. After a few times though, he got used to me, I caught him and later he got a home from someone in the neighborhood.
  14. Me/K: Overall, I felt sad that Pedro left, but happy because he got a home which is how it is for Hope For Paws which is why I want to make that my thing too like how it's theirs. Leah: It's a WHOLE interview! Me/K: Just shush, ok, I'll go next.
  15. Me/K: Would you ever consider making a GTQ account? Leah: No, not really, it's just that I feel like I would rarely be on here so, IDK, but I can join you in future quizzes. Me/K: Ok, I guess that's an ok answer, I'll accept that.
  16. Me/K: Ok, ok, so, first off, I am going to tell everyone something SHOCKING about my sister! Leah: What are you talking about? Me/K: The shocking thing is that she thinks Shadow is BETTER than Sonic! Like, SONIC IS WAY BETTER! I love Shadow, but I mean, he ain't all that. Leah: IDK, I just like him better a bit, but Sonic is cool.
  17. Me/K: Welp, that's all for today from me and my EVIL sister. Leah: I'M NOT EVIL! YOU ARE! Me/K: Yeah right, ANYWAY, I'm jk, jk, she's amazing and I was happy to make this quiz with her! Share her some LOVE in the comments and that's all for today! Me/K and Leah: BOI!!!

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