How well do YOU really know ME?

**There are very few people that actually know me. Some know more than others. Some just don't know me at all. I made this quiz to see how many of you actually know me and how much you guys know about me. I didn't make the questions all that hard. In fact, for every question, I have told you all the answer to it somewhere.

**So lets see how well you really know me. Hope you all enjoy. And good luck. **Remember that if you don't do so great, You can always try again. **If any of you would like to chat you can leave me a message and I'll answer you A.S.A.P.

Created by: Elizabeth of this site
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Who is/are my best friend(s)?
  2. What color(s) are my eyes?
  3. What is my favorite song?
  4. Some say that my life is a Soap Opera...So who else is in my Soap Opera?
  5. Who is the one person that has really had an impact on my life?
  6. What is/are my middle name(s)?
  7. What is my favorite music instrument?
  8. What was my favorite childhood toy?
  9. What do I consider a romantic date?
  10. How many pets do I have and what are they?
  11. What is my favorite subject/class in school?
  12. Am I available?
  13. Do I care what people think of me?
  14. Have I ever been in love?...If so how many times?
  15. What is/are my favorite color(s)?
  16. What is my favorite Arcade game to play?
  17. Do I want children?...If so how many?
  18. Who was my first celebrity crush?
  19. When is my Birthday?
  20. Do or did I have braces?
  21. If I had a secret...Would you be able to keep it?
  22. If you heard someone talking trash about me...Would you tell me?
  23. Am I the type of person to be friends with you to your face then go behind your back and talk about you?
  24. What is like my everyday wear?
  25. What is the one food that I could eat like for the rest of my life and never get tired of?
  26. Do I believe in Love at first sight?
  27. What is my favorite beverage?
  28. What is my favorite cartoon?
  29. Which MTV show would I consider going on?
  30. What Disney movie have I seen like 10 times and more
  31. Do I talk to friends more in person, on the phone, or on the computer?
  32. I've been in school since I was five years old...So which year has been by best year so far?...(Not counting my Senior year.)
  33. Who is/was my favorite Middle School teacher?
  34. What other languages can I speak?...Besides English
  35. Out of everyone I know...Who are the three that know me the best?
  36. Where is my favorite place to shop for Jeans?
  37. What kind of music do I listen to?
  38. What was my first pet and what was it's name?...(Not a family pet)
  39. Am I a Pimpette?
  40. Did you have fun taking Mah Quiz?

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Quiz topic: How well do I really know ME?