How well do you know Jedward

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I am a huge fan.I think they are very cool.First I didn't like them.But then one day they seemed so important to me.Now I am no.1 fan!Anyway Just want to say thanks for picking this quiz.

Also I didn't put hard questions.If your a fan you would know the answers to these simple questions I didn't ask their date of birth or where they live or anything personal!Hope you like it

Created by: cats

  1. Which Jedward Member is taller?
  2. What is their surname?
  3. What is their new album called?
  4. Whats their dogs name?
  5. How did they become famous?
  6. What is their bigger brothers name?
  7. Do Jedward have a cat?
  8. What age were Jedward when they BECAME famous?
  9. What age are they NOW?
  10. Whats their celebrity crush?
  11. Whats Edwards favourite song(their song)
  12. Last one- Do Jedward have a website?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Jedward