The ultimate gamers quiz *very hard*

this is a fun quiz that ive made of the top of my head its kinda short i will make a longer one some day some of the questions are like dates to make it a bit harder

i hope you enjoyed this quiz i will say that this quiz is made by me (GAMER X) look out for the gamer x name on other quiz cause i will make more like this one a bit different maybe but hard

Created by: Gamer x

  1. In witch year and date was the title dead space released in
  2. In what year was the game Streets of Rage released on sega
  3. when was the sony playstation 1 first out
  4. nintendo gamecube first came out it where and when
  5. When was pokemon gold and sliver out in Europe
  6. what do mortal kombat,streetfighter,dead or alive and doom all have in common
  7. "so many pedestrians, so little time" is a quote from what
  8. what was mario before he became a plumber
  9. what is the oldest game in this list
  10. when was wolfenstein released
  11. be honest did you cheat on this quiz? by googling answers or asking someone
  12. did you wish this quiz was longer

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