Do You Really Love Him?

Are you really in looovvvveeeee? Do you want to know if your realationship could use a little work? Well this quiz might help a little. It only has 10 questions so it shouldn't take you too awfully long to take. Plus it is alot of fun!

I don't know how good the quiz is because it's the very fist quiz I have made. It didn't take too long but it was kind of hard since again it was my very first quiz. Also this quiz was origanlly made for girls so any guys that take it must be really bored.

Created by: Anna

  1. When you are with your guy at the movies he...
  2. When you are with your guy at the movies he...
  3. When you see your guy in a public place who do you normally see him with...
  4. Have you ever heard of him being a backstabber or a heartbreaker?
  5. Does your guy ever talk about other girls consistantly??
  6. Does he "forget" (dates, birthdays, anniversaries, ect.) all the time?
  7. Have you been...
  8. Do you think you...
  9. how long have you known him?
  10. How often do you talk?

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Quiz topic: Do I Really Love Him?