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Um...Hi! This is my first quiz so I hope u like it. Here, u can find out, does Sonic think of u as a dear friend, ur ok, ur an enemy, or yandere. (The yandere result has a story to it, so u can pick all the yandere kind of questions only to see what the story is if u want...unless u really are a yandere.... :/ This is my 1st quiz ever so I hope u enjoy it! Also, make sure ur being honest for the best result! Enjoy!

Oh, guess there is a second paragraph, heh, ok...um...I don't know what to say....uh...this is awkward....Me/K: *calls Sonic*Sonic: U needed something?Me/K: Um..what else should I say...?Sonic: Uh...IDK, just press random letters.Me/K: Uh, ok...well...enjoy the random letters!dtiyilhkjgftyukilojkdfhgyerifowjsakmldddddddddddddddddddddddde48wodjfhtgyufdislkdjhfgtyrueiskmnhfuriekkkkdbfbvfhhfbvhfbvfhbvhfbvhffbhvbhfbfhbfhbfhfbhslkdjdkj123.Me/K: Yep, I added the "123" on purpose :b Many "d"'s

Created by: Sonic Tails Lf

  1. Me/K: Hi, thank u for picking my quiz, this is my first one! Anyway, we have a special guest here....my best bud, Sonic the HedgehogSonic: *walks in with a chili dog* Hiya, (Y/N)!
  2. Me/K: Now, let's get started. Don't kill me...but what's ur favorite color? *hides behind Sonic* U wouldn't hurt a cute hedgehog, would u?Sonic: Aww *pats my head* U hide behind me and call me "cute."Me/K: Ow, shut up.Sonic: Your cute too! *continues to pat my hand*Me/K: Oh gosh!
  3. Sonic: Can I ask one?Me/K: Is it a hobby or about u?Sonic: It can be either, both, or neither! *smirks*Me/K: Fine!Sonic: Ok, do u think I'm handsome?Me/K: *slaps forehead*Sonic: What K, u think I'm that ugly?Me/K: NO!!! U actually have great looks-OH, U TRICKED ME INTO ADMITTING IT, AGAIN!!!!!Sonic: *laughs* Wow, u always fall for it!Me/K: Well, y do u do that?!Sonic: So then I get to hear it over and over...and I get to tease u about it!Me/K: *laughs* Welp, guess u tricked me again!
  4. Me/K: Ok, what do u like to do?
  5. Me/K: U are....
  6. Me/K: Favorite food?
  7. Me/K: Sonic, u can ask this one...as long as its important! Sonic: Ok, what's your favorite drink?
  8. Sonic: Describe yourself as...
  9. Me/K: What are your fears? Sonic: U asked that? Me/K: Yeah, who knows, they may be afraid of water like u. Sonic: U DIDN'T NEED TO TELL THEM!!! Me/K: It's fine, I'll tell them what I'm afraid of, I'm a bit afraid of water, talking in front of others, fires, being in small places, and losing my family and friends to death. Sonic: *hugs K* Don't worry, we'll always be here for u!
  10. Sonic: LET ME ASK THIS ONE! I GOT A GOOD ONE! :D Me/K: *sighs* What is it? Sonic: What do u like about me?
  11. Me/K: OH! *laughs* I got a good one! Sonic: *sighs* This can't be good. Me/K: Ok: What Sonic ship are u a part of? *laughs* Sonic:...WHY?!
  12. Sonic: What do u think of Tails?
  13. Me/K: Do u like SEGA, have u played or seen all their games?
  14. Me/K: What were ur thoughts on Sonic's voice actor being changed?
  15. Me/K: Last question, Sonic, u can ask! Sonic: Ok, what do u wanna be to me?
  16. Me/K: Ok, sadly, Sonic has to go... *hugs Sonic* Sonic: *hugs back* Don't worry, K, I'll be back! I got a gift for u! Me/K: Really, what is it? Sonic: *kisses K on the cheek and leaves* Bye, K, bye (Y/N)!
  17. Me/K: Did u answer these questions honestly?
  18. Me/K: Will u rate and comment? (No effect)
  19. Me/K: Did u like the quiz? It's my first one! (No effect)
  20. Me/K: BOI!!! Oh wait! Gumball and I came up with something! Answer wisely! Gumball and Me/K: Ups....

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