Is Sonic Your BFF or Enemy

Zosonils here... Again... I made this quiz about if you're Sonic the Hedgehog's friend or enemy. Nobody ever reads the top 2 paragraphs or parting words... Eh. Just take the quiz.

You should be taking the quiz now. Why are you even reading this? You can take the quiz, it won't kill you. Unless your computer is REALLY ticked off, but we don't have AI yet.

Created by: Zosonils
  1. What is the first thing that passes through your head when you see the word 'running'?
  2. Sonic is falling off a cliff, there's nobody around, do you...
  3. You find out your gamer friend has been cheating! So that's why they were always winning, even when you had every single advantage! What do you do?
  4. It's your birthday! You have asked for a bit of Sonic stuff, you are happiest with...
  5. Cream is...? (Dunno who she is? Then choose randomly!)
  6. Are you actually interested in Sonic? be honest plz
  7. Sonic is trapped by Eggman and all his friends are also entrapped. What do you do to Eggman in return?
  8. It's a sunny day and you are all alone. Suddenly you see a black streak whiz by, adorned with red stripes and with a green object. Then Sonic runs up to you! He asks if you've seen a black and red guy with a shiny green jewel. You respond by...
  9. What colour is better?
  10. Complete the song in your honest opinion. 2 4 6 8, Sonic the hedgehog is _______!
  11. Scenario 1: it's the middle of the night, but you can't sleep. Suddenly you hear a loud thump. You can't help but go out and look. You grab a torch, put on some slippers and walk outside. There's a shape you can make out, you click your torch on. It's blue, has a human structure and seems spiky... It's Sonic! You race up. His eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open. You grab his wrist and feel a weak pulse. Whew, you think. Suddenly, the torch runs out of battery. You and Sonic are plunged into darkness. There's nobody else to shout to for help, the rest of the street is asleep except for a stray cat meowing behind you. Shuddup, cat, you think. You don't know what to do. Sonic might not see tomorrow if you don't help him...
  12. Scenario 2: you are out walking when a dark cloud hovers over you. Suddenly a massive robot clamps a metal hand over you and everything goes black. You wake a long while later to see, uh, nothing much. Just more black. Suddenly, a light shines in your face. You are blinded for about three seconds, then you realise that you're surrounded by more robots... Nuts, you think. Now I gotta get the heck outta here and deal with these guys. Suddenly a blue sphere whacks into the robot nearest to you! The ball reforms... into Sonic the hedgehog.
  13. Ok, I'm outta here. See your results already.

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