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Do you love Sega's iconic, speedy hedgehog? Were you there when he wowed us on the Genesis? Do you play more recent titles in the series? Our quizzes on Sonic and his friends are listed below.

Our Sonic the Hedgehog Quizzes

  • The Sonic the Hedgehog Quiz: Characters
    [by: Sonication, rated: rated: 3.76/5, published: Nov 27, 2008]

    We all know about Sonic the Hedgehog, do we? Well, do you know much about the characters in the Sonic world? I bet you can't score high on this quiz! Come…

  • What Sonic Character are you most like?
    [by: amazon, rated: rated: 3.74/5, published: Jun 13, 2008]

    Does your personality match your favorite Sonic Character? Take the quiz to find out! Does your personality make you villanous, sneaky, brave? Find out!

  • Which Sonic character are you?
    [by: Lya, rated: rated: 3.61/5, published: Dec 19, 2007]

    Many know the characters of Sonic the hedgehog. For some he is a hero, and many will like to be like him. Another may think he is not the principal hero. And…

  • Which 'Sonic' character are you?
    [by: Darkcruise, rated: rated: 3.57/5, published: Nov 11, 2013]

    Sonic the Hedgehog has been rolling into peoples hearts since 1991, and he's made a lot of friends along the way. It's time for you to find out which you are…

  • Which Sonic Girl Are You?
    [by: Emma, rated: rated: 3.28/5, published: Dec 8, 2007]

    Which sonic girl are you? Are you strong, weak, do you have a piko-piko hammer? Take this quiz to determine which sonic girl you are out of Cosmo, Amy, Cream…

  • The Ultimate Sonic Quiz
    [by: supersonicking, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Dec 31, 2007]

    Okay, first of all, I'm tired of Sonic fans making stupid quizzes about what they THINK thay know. Yes, I'll admit I've seen some high-quaility ones, but not…

  • Sonic Heroes Quiz
    [by: Cyber, rated: rated: 2.91/5, published: Jun 2, 2008]

    This is the quiz on Sonic Heroes. If you think you know this game, give it a try. This quiz will really test you knowledge on Sonic Heroes! Try your best and…

  • The Sonic knowledge quiz
    [by: marcus, rated: rated: 2.81/5, published: Nov 23, 2008]

    This quiz is about how much Sonic knowledge you have. It ranges from games in the main series (block buster games that affect the Sonic franchise, such as…

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