The Sonic the Hedgehog Quiz: Characters

We all know about Sonic the Hedgehog, do we? Well, do you know much about the characters in the Sonic world? I bet you can't score high on this quiz! Come take this Sonic character quiz! Test your own knowledge about many of the characters in the Sonic Universe!

You think you know much about Sonic game characters, right? I hope so! I would be disappointed if you get a low score here! It's simple: just take the quiz and show how much you know about the characters in the Sonic world. I don't like to see low scores here, so beware!

Created by: Sonication
  1. What was the name of the princess in the Next Gen Game who held a dark secret?
  2. Name the villain who appeared in the party based game, Sonic Shuffle.
  3. These two characters appeared in a Sonic fighting game and later appeared as cameos in later games.
  4. What are the villains that appeared separately in the two Game Gear games starring Tails?
  5. These creatures from outer space lived on a comet that came across Earth every 50 years.
  6. This series of Eggman Robots started to show up since Sonic Adventure.
  7. This was the most popular Eggman robot in the classic era besides Metal Sonic.
  8. This character only appeared in one Sonic game, which was SegaSonic Arcade.
  9. This retro fan favorite does not take sides, but works for anyone who can give him cold, hard cash in return.
  10. Which one of these characters was the only one not to make it in the final version of Sonic the Fighters?
  11. Though not an actual character; this is the name of Sonic in "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" when the debug mode is used.
  12. In two non-Sonic games, Sonic went head to head against this old rival of his.
  13. In Sonic Heroes, all members of the Chaotix returned except:
  14. This infamous stuffed animal appeared in Sonic R. Many spooky legends are bout this ragdoll.
  15. Who is the shark like robot who is the first mate of Captain Whiskers in Sonic Rush Adventure?
  16. This robot appears in Sonic Battle. He is one of an advanced series of robots called Gizoids.
  17. These two echidnas are leaders of tribes who are rivals to each other.
  18. In Sonic Unleashed, what is Chip's real name?
  19. Erazor Djinn, the main villain of Sonic and the Secret Rings, was the genie of what Arabian Nights story?
  20. Who was the name of the young girl from 50 years ago who was like a sister of the GUN Commander and Shadow the Hedgehog?
  21. This is the name of a trans-dimensional princess who can control fire.
  22. This leader of a group of bird-thieves is known as the Legendary Gear master.
  23. This bio-engineered lifeform was the first to show the ability of Chaos Control.
  24. These birds were Sonic's friends in the classic era. They also appeared in four different colors in Sonic 3D blast.
  25. Who is the name of the character that the half of Solaris, Mephilles the Dark tried to get to kill Sonic?
  26. This was the first god-like creature that Eggman tried to use to destroy Sonic and take over the world.
  27. This character is the current leader of the Chaotix since Heroes.
  28. What is the name of the female echidna who appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood?
  29. This is the name of the best friend and pet of a cat named Big.
  30. This character is Sonic's best friend.
  31. What is the name of Cream the Rabbit's pet Chao?
  32. Although this strong guy is a friend of Sonic's, he has been tricked by Dr. Eggman many times. Who is he?
  33. This sexy bat works for the Guardian Unit of Nations as a spy. She loves to hunt for treasure.
  34. Who is the name of the raccoon in Sonic Rush Adventure who dreams of becoming a sea captain?
  35. Since Sonic CD, this girl never stops chasing Sonic. Who is she?
  36. Who is the robot that Dr. Eggman created that is "Sonic's greatest rival"?
  37. Who is the E-Series robot in Sonic Adventure who began to turn on Eggman?
  38. Who is the cool, blue, superfast hedgehog we all know and love?

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