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Do you like Taken, Sonic the Hedgehog, Tony Hawk, Twilight, or Family Guy? I like them all, Sonic the Hedgehog being the best. Followed by Family Guy, then Twilight, then Tony, then Taken. Okay, Taken was like, the best movie EVER.

Do YOU think you can beat this quiz? It's TOUGH if you haven't watched, played, or read at least 3 of the things I mentioned. You might LOVE Twilight but HATE Sonic. If that is the case, find a different quiz.

Created by: Tiffany
  1. Peter: Brian, there's a message in my alphabet! It says "Ooooh!" Brian: Peter those are cheerios! Where did this quote come from?
  2. Shadow: You never cease to surprise me blue hedgehog. I thought that capsule you were in exploded in space!" Sonic: Ya know, what can I say, I die hard!" Where did this come from?
  3. Tony: Brutal road trip! Burritos and a van crammed with dudes! Talk about a 90-mile-an-hour Dutch oven." Where did this come from?
  4. Voldemort: I want to see the LIGHT LEAVE YOUR EYES!" Which Harry Potter movie did this come from?
  5. Tails: What happened!? Sonic: You know me! Never a dull moment!" Which game did this come from?
  6. Sonic: It might even open the gates of Hell!" Which game did THIS come from?
  7. "Blimey!" Who, in Harry Potter's world, says this more often?
  8. "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him" which book and character said this?
  9. Die Zeit fí¼r Rache ist gekommen. (The time for revenge has come.) where did this tagline come from?
  10. "Bible fight!" which Griffin yelled this in Church?

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