Test you're Sonic IQ!

Sonic the Hedgehog, a marvel among video games and their fans. He is almost as famous as the king himself, Mario. But since he's not quite as well known, there IS a small portion of the population who doesn't know him very well...

Do YOU know him very well? Can you make it past this quiz without a single wrong answer? I bet you could make it past this whole quiz fine; which is where this question comes in: DO YOU KNOW SONIC THE HEDGEHOG?

Created by: Telamon
  1. What is Tails's real name?
  2. Who is famous for saying "You're weakness disgusts me!"
  3. Sonic is most famous for...
  4. What was Sonic's first game?
  5. True or False: There was a Sonic game where Knuckles is the villian.
  6. Which does Sonic hate most?
  7. Which is Sonic's best friend?
  8. What animal is Knuckles?
  9. What is Dr. Eggman's real name?
  10. Which was Sonic's first game on a Nintendo console?

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