Sonic Heroes Quiz

This is the quiz on Sonic Heroes. If you think you know this game, give it a try. This quiz will really test you knowledge on Sonic Heroes! Try your best and if you do you might be a Super Sonic Hero!

Before you take this quiz I must tell you it is tricky! It is not easy, so you will have to use all of your Sonic Heroes knowledge if you are going to complete this quiz. I wish you good luck!

Created by: Cyber of this site
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  1. Which one of these is Sonic Heroes not on?
  2. Which team are the only ones who complete all their missions?
  3. What's Espio's mission?
  4. How many courses are there?
  5. True or False: Eggman gets locked up for trying to take over the world
  6. True or False: There are fake Eggman's
  7. True or False: There is a boss called Egg Smash
  8. True or False: This is Omega's third game
  9. What's Amy's hammer called?
  10. True or False: Espio can walk through lasers when he's invisible

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