How Well Do U Know Sonic Generations?

Do you know what Sonic Generations is about? It might be a old game but to me it seems like the best Sonic game out there! Sonic Generations is a Classic! Don't you like Classic Sonic?

Are you a true Classic Sonic fan? Do you think you know a lot about Sonic Generations? Until now you can only wonder. But if you are a true Sonic Generations fan, this quiz is just for you! :D?

Created by: Mercedes the cutie
  1. What is Sonic Generations celebrating?
  2. Who were the two forgotten classic characters that were on the City Escape missing posters?
  3. What was the monster thing that goes through time and kidnaps Classic Sonic?
  4. Who were the two characters that don't appear at Sonic's birthday party at the beginning of the game plot?
  5. Who does Classic Sonic fight for the first boss?
  6. How many stages are in Sonic Generations? ( XBOX 360 VERSION)
  7. What year was the original Sonic The Hedgehog game released?
  8. What is the stage from Sonic 2006: the next generation?
  9. Who is Classic Sonic voiced by?
  10. What does Knuckles say to Classic Sonic when he saves him?
  11. Does Big appear in Sonic Generations? (Ps3, Pc, 3ds, Xbox 360 etc)
  12. The song "Toxic Cave" is from...
  13. Where does the "Sonic Boom" American event take place?
  14. What is the name of the stage where you fight Metal Sonic at?
  15. Who was Amy originally known as?
  16. Is Classic Tails cuter than Modern Tails? ( Doesn't effect your score!)
  17. Why is Modern Sonic in white Space?
  18. What does Tails give Sonic at his birthday party?
  19. What does Charmy says that is annoying to Modern Sonic?
  20. What does Classic Sonic try to do at the end before he left?
  21. What happens at the VERY end after the credits?
  22. The writers for Sonic Generations are also the creators of...
  23. Sonic Generations began after the events of...
  24. Is Sonic Generations for the wii?
  25. Last question: Did You enjoy this quiz? ( Does not effect your score!)

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