What would Sonic think about you?

What would Sonic think of you? Would he think of you as loyal or a traitor? Awesome or just 50-50? Here is your chance to find out! Just take the quiz and off you go!

Warning: This quiz is not intended for noobs, idiots, or people who just don't get Sonic. Jerks who have never touched anything Sonic, you have been warned!!!!!

Created by: Zosonils
  1. Do you post discriminating vids of Sonic on YouTube?
  2. Do you like chillidogs?
  3. If a SEGA building was blown up, what would you do?
  4. It turns out you were involved in the building blowing up!
  5. What would you say if you met Sonic?
  6. Hey, what's that old car doing there?
  7. You see Amy, and she asks you if you have seen Sonic. You did see him, but he said not to tell Amy where he was. Do you tell her?
  8. Sonic is in danger, far, far away. What do you do?
  9. A new Sonic game has hit the internet! However, it has lots of discriminating, Sonic-hating material when you try it out. What do you do?
  10. Sonic and Knuckles are fighting it out. They are evenly matched and they will need someone else to choose a side for anybody to win. Who do you ally with?
  11. Who is your favorite Sonic character out of the selected?
  12. Why do you like Sonic?
  13. You are walking around the Green Hill Zone when you see a Star Post. You have enough rings to enter the Special Stage and try for a Chaos Emerald. Do you enter and why
  14. You are relaxing when you see Sonic running at top speed. Moments later, Amy races after him. What do you do?
  15. Time to wrap the quiz up. Did you like it? (This has no effect on your eventual result.)

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