What does Sonic the hedgehog thinks of you?

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This quiz is about what does Sonic thinks about you! This is my second quiz! Last onhe I've made was "What does Shadow the ehdgehog thinks of you? (girls only)". Well, this time I make this test for both genders, you can discover if you're Sonic's best friend or his enemy.

Are you Sonic's fellow or his arch nemesis, figure it out here today! You and Sonic would have a friendly relationship or fight each other everytime you want to. Anyways, I hope you get the score you're lookng for, and I hope you be happy with your result!

Created by: Sara BOOM
  1. You're in the park sitted in a bench, readding an interesting book, when you see a blue blur thing running fast, you wonder what it is so, you....
  2. You're boring of reading your book, so you stand up and go for a walk, when that blue thing accidentally collides with you, so you....
  3. That blue blur thing turns to be Sonic, he apologizes with you and takes your book and return it to you. You....
  4. You and Sonic seperate. Next day, you find Sonic running fast in the park (again). So, you....
  5. Sonic and you start a small chat, enjoy talking together, then, Amy Rose appears next to Sonic hugging him. (If you're a girl you'll get jealous) You....
  6. You and Sonic go for a walk, then, you both go to a fast food restaurant, when you see Sonic order a chilidog, what would you say about it?
  7. After going to the restaurant, Sonic and you go to your home. At your home, Sonic sits in the couch, what you'll do/say?
  8. Next day, you and sonic race, but you're always left behind, so, Sonic runs slowly and go your fast, then Sonic asks you if you want to run like him, what would you say?
  9. Sonic grabs your hand, and starts to run slow, then, he runs fast, and faster, and more faster!!! You run as fast as you can, and thanks to Sonic you're going the same speed than him! What would you say/do?
  10. Sonic stops running, he asks "How was the run, (your name)? Not fast enough?" You say:
  11. Sonic invites you to have a little chat, what would you like to talk about with Sonic?
  12. After the talk, Sonic gives you his phone number, what would you do?
  13. Who's your fav Sonic character?
  14. What do you think abou the series and the videogame Sonic BOOM?
  15. Did you like this quiz?

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