How Well Do You Know Sonic?

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A lot of people know Sonic the Hedgehog: The Fastest Thong Alive, The Blue Blur, call him what you want! There are a few things that many people know. Maybe you do too!

"Sonic the Hedgehog"... Does that name sound familiar to you? Or are you wondering how you got here? Why not just test what you know about Sonic? Here is your chance!

Created by: SonicFanXD
  1. What Color Is Sonic's Fur?
  2. What Is The Name Of The Anime (Japanese Cartoon/Animation thingey) About Sonic?
  3. How Old Is (Modern!) Sonic?
  4. What Are The Parts Of Sonic's Style In Sonic Boom That Are Specially Created For That Show And The Games?
  5. What Are The Names Of Sonic's Brother And Sister?
  6. What Is Sonic's Real First Name?
  7. How Fast Can Sonic Run?
  8. Sonic Is Afraid Of...?
  9. What Kind Of Animal Is Chip From Sonic Unleashed?
  10. In Wich Game Dies Sonic?
  11. What is Sonic's favorite food?
  12. What is Sonic's favorite food?
  13. What is Sonic's favorite food?
  14. How Does Sonic Think About Amy Rose?
  15. How Does Sonic Think About Amy Rose?
  16. Who Is Sonic's Sidekick?
  17. What Is The Result Of An Extremely Angry Sonic?
  18. Just A Little Question: Who Is More Awesome?

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Sonic?